Housemates Post 1: I Remember…

I remember a PPK Friday meeting. A guy was asking me if I’d found a place to stay for the coming year yet, if not, maybe could find a place together with a few friends. But I turned down his suggestion at first, me having vaguely planned to stay with Ipoh friends (what would we have missed out on if I really had!) This was before even the events mentioned in his latest post.

I remember a CG I was invited to, my first.  Kenny Cheah was the one who invited me, and (at that time not yet) my honey-sweetheart drove me back afterwards – that’s the first time I met her too, and you know what, I already found her interesting ;>  Anyway… During the games, I had to swallow a can’s worth of Coke (did it in 2 gulps) and this big-eyed, long-haired, small-sized, very cute girl had to lower a needle on a string into the empty can. Also remember seeing her earlier before in PPK, and deciding “Aiyah, so choon, SURE already got boyfriend one!”

I remember one Sunday morning, I emerged from an all-nite session at Power Extreme. As I was about to start stumble back through Side Gate and back to IK hostel… “Hey! You go to PPK right? Are you going anywhere? Want to come to church? Come la!” Roughly to that effect. Thus also the first time I went to EPCC.

I remember getting to know the girls better… Baking fund-raiser cookies in 10-4-6 Desa U. Walking them back to desa afterwards. Recording endless acting takes in Dan’s N-Park room, windows and doors closed to seal out any noise. Scolding me for being so kolot, even as they eventually adopted some of my kolot values. Relaxing down my dressing and hair, even as I conservative-ized their dressing for church-service. Passing and returning and passing again crushes.

I remember losing our precious Desa U top floor apartment, only to miraculously get what eventually turned out to be PPK-CA-PKA’s most visited apartment. Eagerly moving in the first night with no furniture whatsoever and sleeping on the hall floor. Going on household shopping spree and pinjaming a Makro trolley to bring it all back to Saujana. The mirror disconnecting from the wall and breaking the same night we hung it up.

I remember getting used to living with other people who have other lifestyles, opinions and sensitivities, and their getting used to mine. Miniature emotional dramas. Long late nights of communal refusing-to-sleep. Cooking sessions and makan times and ‘surprise’ parties. Packing 6-to-a-Kancil and 7-to-an-Iswara for movies and dimsums. The incredible miracle of Streamyx, and the incredibly annoying blinking-light-means-can’t-connect of the modem. Endless songs on loop and “but love is !OOOONNNNLY~! a feeling!” resounding through the house! Mouseys/Rats and generations of cats stopping by. And the final few episodes of 8-13-2 Sri Saujana, as its 4-year occupants left to move on with their lives.

But do you know what… Not only do the memories live on. The Housemates Saga is still continuing! The series will never end, as more and more seasons are released and the occassional movie is filmed. And you can be sure that as the script is written out, we’ll be here to share it. Stay tuned!

One Response to “Housemates Post 1: I Remember…”

  1. meiyee Says:

    This is SO classic. We really should come up with a script for the 8-13-2 saga la…Miss you much 🙂

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