What I Learnt in Bio Class

As you may know, I don’t work in any sort of biology line. But that doesn’t mean 3 years of Sains Kajihayat were wasted. Au contraire, I learnt some useful things in Biologi Gunaan…

       MosqKill           Roachkill  <— Nonlocal bug-sprays

Our local bug-sprays come in Mosquito-picture and Cockroach-picture varieties, if you take a look. There actually is a difference: The Mosquito spray released a fine mist that is designed to float in the air for a few minutes, whacking any flying insects that bump into it. It dissipates after a while. The Cockroach spray is heavy and contains oils, so it sticks to the ground like a land-mine for crawling insects to make a wrong move. It can last for weeks. This is why often you come across a KO-ed cockroach on the floor, even though it seems nobody sprayed recently.

The fast-acting chemicals in the insectide spray are mainly pyrethroids. The amount of pyrethroids that is lethal to mammals is roughly between 100,000 to millions of times more than for insects (Basic Revision: Humans are mammals). However, fish and other aquatic critters die quite easily from low levels of the stuff. The ‘mystery’ of Alabaster Box’s dead fish solved???

And fianlly, from the travestous butchering of due scientific process that was my thesis: Washing your rice carefully won’t guarantee you a bug-free meal. Weevils lay an egg INSIDE THE RICE GRAIN! The pale or colourless wormy is nearly impossible to notice as it eats and grows for weeks, pupates, turns into an adult and lepaks for a couple of days…before finally breaking out of the hollowed-out rice grain. You’ve probably consumed TONS of ‘bonus protein’ over your lifespan! AAAAAAGHHHHH! But don’t worry – they’re completely harmless.

Want proof? Wanna see it for yourself? WELL TOO BAD, I’LL SHOW YOU ANYWAY! MUAHAHAHA! Enjoy.

A Horror, emerging from emptied rice grain!

In a jar full of ethanol, Terrors sleep inside their rice grains!

Again, soaking with alcohol reveals the entombed Monsters.

2 Responses to “What I Learnt in Bio Class”

  1. meiyee Says:

    I like the weevils in the rice grain part. Where can I get ethanol? Do they hatch in brown rice too? Cool pics…

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Can buy high-% ethanol at pharmacist… It’s sold as Rubbing Alcohol for disinfecting wounds. And brown rice is much better for all sorts of bugs to grow (cos more nutrients).

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