Common Sense Personal Safety

JB is a dangerous city – the crime rate is infamous, including violent crimes. Snatch thefts, armed robberies, assaults, car thefts, house break-ins, rapes. The last one especially riles my righteous anger and concern for those around me. I’d be only half-joking if I said it has to do with the local police being VERY ADEPT at issuing parking offence samans, and VERY INEPT at apparently anything else.

Some time back, I submitted an office memo on watching out for yourself (mainly for the girls). I present here the modified version. I hope you find it useful, wherever you may be. God bless you, and keep you and your loved ones safe.

It is very important that you STAY SAFE FROM BEING ATTACKED. Being prepared is the best protection. Common sense steps:

1. DO NOT WALK ALONE. Always travel together. If you will work past evening, arrange for someone to meet you at the office.
2. Stay in brightly lit areas. Avoid dark and lonely streets. Do not go near to bushes, doors or other places where a person can hide.
3. If possible, walk on the ‘kaki lima’ of shops. Snatch thefts occur most often when you are walking on the road. But do not walk along ‘kaki lima’ that are dark or secluded.
4. Walk quickly, do not ‘lepak’ and take your time. The darker it is, the faster you should walk.
5. If you know you have to walk when it is late, wear shoes that you can run in. High heels are not recommended.
6. Be alert to your surroundings, this also discourages attackers who prefer easy targets. Look around you for danger, and move to avoid danger if you see it. DO NOT LET YOURSELF DREAM OR BE BLUR.

1. Go to your cars together. If only two of you are left, get in the first car and drive to the next car.
2. Have your car keys ready before you reach the car. Open the door, get inside, and lock the door quickly.
3. Lock all the doors and close all the windows. Make it a habit to ALWAYS do this.
4. If you are involved in an accident, DO NOT GET OUT OF THE CAR. Stay calm, don’t panic and just forget what you’re reading here! Only wind down the window VERY LITTLE and talk from there until you are sure it is safe. Call someone to come over or at least inform them of the situation. You can drive to a bright, public area or police station to discuss things.
5. When you reach home, look around before you get out of the car. Have your house keys ready so you can go inside quickly. Please remember – if an attacker gets inside your home, your family or housemates are also in danger.

1. If the attacker is dangerous (such as carrying a weapon) and only wants your money, give it to him. Money is not worth getting hurt for.
2. Remember as many details as you can (height, age, facial features, race). Go and make a police report as soon as possible so you don’t forget any details.

1. If you believe the attacker wants to hurt or rape you, SCREAM LOUDLY. RUN TO WHERE THERE ARE PEOPLE.
2. If you are trapped and cannot escape, stay calm. Talk to the attacker confidently, reason with him. DO NOT BEG, PLEAD OR SEEM WEAK. Make him know that you are a person, a human being, not a ‘thing’ that has no rights or feelings.
3. If he doesn’t stop, you have two options. The first option is to SURVIVE. Being raped is terrible, but being killed is worse. Surrender, but remember as many details as you can to tell to the police.

1. If you cannot accept the above, or you think he will injure/kill you anyway, then FIGHT BACK AS HARD AND FIERCE AND WILD AS YOU CAN. It may be unthinkable for some of you, but don’t think too much – set your mind to JUST DO IT.
2. When you fight, SHOW NO MERCY. Don’t care what happens to the attacker! He deserves to be hurt. You deserve to be safe.
3. As soon as you can, get to safety. You are fighting to get a chance to escape, not fighting to win.
4. When you fight:
   a) Fight with all your strength, you may take him by surprise or scare him away.
   b) SCRATCH HIS EYES as hard and deep as you can, even if you blind him.
   c) Use your knees, elbows to hit soft areas (nose, neck, stomach and groin).
   d) Use any sharp objects you have (keys can be used to poke his eyes).
   e) BITE AS HARD AS YOU CAN, especially the face, nose and fingers, even if you bite off flesh. Bite like an angry, crazy dog – THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Bite so badly that he has to seek immediate medical attention and leaves.

1. Stay calm. Get to safety. Call someone you know, call the police.
2. Do not change clothes or bathe. Go to the hospital first and get a medical examination. The police will need any DNA and evidence to catch the attacker.
3. Make a police report. You can help stop the attacker from hurting other people.
4. There are cases where hospital or police staff are uncooperative, despite the trauma you’ve undergone. It’s up to your discretion, but you can threaten to report their actions and attitude to newspapers unless they get their act together. (We know many reporters with the Star, the Sun and the New Straits Times)

And to all GUYS, I charge you with this: PROTECT THE GIRLS AT ALL COSTS. If you have to, GIVE YOUR LIFE to keep them from harm and give them a chance to escape safely. The worst that can happen to us is that we die only. This is the duty of a man, moreso a man of God. 

4 Responses to “Common Sense Personal Safety”

  1. Alovat Says:

    Nice speach!

  2. Alovat Says:

    Nice speech! Helpfull!

  3. anonymous Says:

    Simple solution – all malaysian special forces field training is in the streets of JB. Give them only lots of cash, jewelry etc plus one hunting/ commando knife. JB is the best place for TTS and E&E .. if u survive get green beret. Help deter crime also. Force them to behave & act like blur sotong. They must be seen to be vulnerable target and must kill the criminal. I think police recruits will think twice if this is put into their training… PULAPOL PULAPES is child’s play if compared to having real thing blood them shitless. All female officers and LLP also must become decoy rape / snatch theft targets. Never mind if u die during selection = that’s the joy of joining cops.. If u masuk its because u lucky and get another few chances to send the CRREEPPS back to hell.

    If jb cops are that HARD there will be no more crime in msiia. sometimes i feel police are far to conventional in fighting crime. Hence they are predictable and hardly to be feared. Every criminal worries about his safety the least given the standard of cops.

    Also JB police must play police-and-thief. Give them job to protect a very vulnerable bank/ jewelery store.. or even cash armor van. Let them take care of what happens.. Or even last-man-standing or team capture-the-flag game…. ALso disarm all of them give them only AIRSOFT paintball guns… useless shitess!!

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    Hahaha good suggestion to have special forces train in JB, anonymous!

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