Google Myself

Who has tried searching for their own name on google? It helps to put ” before and after the phrase so you don’t get everyone else in the world with the same first name as you. Example: “scott thong” instead of scott thong. But those with more common names will be lucky to find even one hit which actually refers to them. Also try different combinations of your name.

I searched for “scott thong” and the first few hits turned up this current blog, this current blog via technorati, and my participation in a national Magic: The Gathering card game tournament.

(KL Grand Prix 2000 – I placed 10th and won myself USD 500, more than covering whatever total I had ever spent on the game. I shall maintain it as God’s will that I finally got very bad luck, didn’t make it to the Quarter-Finals in the tournament, and didn’t move on to a full-time profitable career playing games. Because then, I might never have met YOU.)

Unfortunately, due to the common English meaning of my name, the rest of the google hits involve daring undergarments, under-dressed models or a combination of both. (WARNING: Some of these sites contain explicit material. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

Oh well…at least John the Baptist didn’t feel worthy to untie me off of Jesus’ sandals. So where’s YOUR family name in the Bible? :p

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