Transformers: 2007 Film

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Waa waa waaaaa! This got me excited like a little boy! TRANSFORMERS LIVE ACTION MOVIE!!!! With giant CG robots transforming and shooting and fighting! Every guy born in the 80’s can celebrate!!

If you just can’t imagine how a live-action film with CG-generated Transformers could possibly work, I browsed around and found some (non-official) videos. Check them out:

1) Sporty car transforms to robot mode. Debunked as a hoax – not really a teaser from the upcoming film, but still really cool! Also looks kinda like Sideswipe. (Ehh, the below gif is NOT the video I’m talking about ok?)

   Sideswipe animated

Sideswipe (above) and a lot of other animated gifs of transformations from the cartoon at

2) Optimus Prime style truck transforms to robot mode. The official site states that the original voice actor from the cartoon series will reprise his role as Optimus Prime! Woo! Classic! The greatest Autobot of them all returns…2007!

   Optimus Prime   Optimus Toy

3) Volkswagen transforms to robot mode. This VW’s transformation looks more like that of Prowl (a police car) due to the side doors becoming chest wings. The original VW, Bumblebee has his car front hood become his robot feet. Unfortunately, it seems that Volkswagen has declined to give permission for the movie to use VW models.

   Prowl VS. Bumblebee

4) Citroen ads featuring a transforming and performing car/robot – and

5) And finally, a 3 second video of transforming Simpsons for your amusement 🙂

So what are you waiting for? View them already! And remember…

   Optimus Elected

       Optimus Prime wants YOU to watch the movie in July 2007!

3 Responses to “Transformers: 2007 Film”

  1. doinkster Says:

    wah…old school man… still remember watching the teruk version that we watched using mei yee’s comp..

  2. a$$ Says:

    Hahaha,funny Pic. 😉

  3. flownovercountry Says:

    Thanks for posting the flying omelette link. Neat. ^^

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