UN Pooooooowaaaaaa!

   UN Poodle 

Wow, the UN suuuuuure is powerful and effective! In fact, it’s always been this versatile and quick to respond to conflicts. Behold the vast accomplishments of the UN’s incredible POWER:

1) Did not intervene to stop the Rwandan Genocide, 1994.

2) Included Libya and Sudan on the UN Commission on Human Rights.

3) Iraqi Oil-for-Food Programme corruption and abuse scandal.

4) Et. Cet. E. Ra.

And regarding Israel, the UN have been especially helpful. No wonder they are always accused of ‘siding with Israel’, seeing that:

1) In 1948 the UN voted Israel as a nation by 33 yes, 13 no, 10 abstain. Then sat back when 5 plus Arab nations ganged up to forcibly ‘veto’ said decision. When Israel was winning, the UN quickly decided that UN involvement was now important and stopped Israel’s winning streak.

2) When Egypt asked them to leave the Sinai so that Egypt could better attack Israel, the UN humbly complied, leading to the Six-Day War of 1967. Which Israel won (again), whereby the UN requested Israel not to utterly defeat its attackers by conquering their capital cities (again).

3) Are prone to sudden attacks of deaf-blindness when Israel is invaded. Luckily the illness is cured by a simple Israeli defeating-and-counter-invading of the other nations, wherupon the UN demands that Israel stop the ‘uncalled-for aggression’ and go home.

4) Equated Zionism with racism for a long time, thereby making it prejudiced and illegal for Jews to support their own race.

5) Giving votes to all member nations. Never mind how small, new, or controlled by other nations they are. So guess how it works out when one ‘I-don’t-like-you-Israel-and-I-have-one-vote’ nation splits into a dozen ‘We-don’t-like-you-Israel-and-we-have-many-votes’.

6)  Eht. Seht. Theh. Rah. 


With this much Poodle Power to flex, one wonders how loooooooooooong it will be before the UN stands a decent shot of candidacy for the One World Government meant to control the world for the Beast of Revelation. Hmm, who else is in the running…

4 Responses to “UN Pooooooowaaaaaa!”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    I`ve always maintained that the UN HQ should be shifted to mecca or Jeddah. failing that they should move to the Eurabia capital – Brussels.

  2. Mad Bluebird Says:

    The UN isnt for world peace the UN isa vulture pretending to be a dove

  3. Union Jack Says:

    Wow, I never actually got to see this many of the UN fails! Mind you, I guess I didn’t need this page to tell me. Say, have they sat down and had a talk with Kim Jong yet? What about Pol Pot? And those Nazis that they threw in jail for 20 years? Or Saddam Hussein? Or Fidel Castro? Or whoever it is in charge of China? Or almost 90% of the presidents of the US of A? Wow, I think I just helped prove that the UN is useless and should be disbanded and replaced with a new organization. Any thoughts?

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