26 Days Later

*Ahem* If I don’t say so myself… 26 days after starting this blog, I now have 500 hits, 32 posts including this one, and 13 comments not from myself. Also doing a public service by listing the blog links of 40 people. Woot! Mind you, it took only 9 days from first setting up this blog for me to hit 200. Slowing down in my middle age lor!

But who really actually READS what I post? MrScottBake’s site had 15 visitors when I first posted Sweet Dreams under the Uni Life category. Within and hour, the counter had increased to 17 people. Weeks later, and that number has increased to 18, count ’em, 18 hits. Mass ignorage…

Am I going too fast, with too many half-baked posts? How am I doing so far, quality and interestingness wise? Maybe I’m just expecting too much? All this celebrity fame going to my head. Am I talking to myself? (No you aren’t.) Oh, okay then. (You’re the master now.) Yes, yes I am, my prrreeeeeciousssss…

Well, let’s wait for that sweet 1000th visitor before deciding eh! Race you guys to it!

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