Blog-Ad Experiment

This is an experiment in online advertising and publicity, namely: Can I substantially increase the number of visitors to my blog (at least temporarily) by putting up a post to all my contacts in multiply?

Simultaneous with this blog post, I’m posting a short blurb and a link to this blog through my multiply. So let’s how much of an effect that has. At the time of this posting, this blog’s visitor count is at 513.

If you’re here from multiply, ignore the nonsensage above and browse around some other stuff.

One Response to “Blog-Ad Experiment”

  1. Scott Thong Says:

    Hmf. 8 days later, and I have 609 hits. That’s average 12 hits a day, much less than the average 20 hits a day when I posted 26 Days Later. No increase in traffic in the days immediately following this experiment either.

    Experiment is therefore deemed conclusive: Half-effort advertising doesn’t work.

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