PKA Word Commander

I haven’t updated in a while. I’m really beat from the hectic, much-traveling week in Penang for konvo, followed by meetings in KL area for work. So here’s a stopgap offering while I recover and prepare a new post.


This is the back design for a shirt I gave to the then-PKA Education Subcomm head. There’s a front design too, but I’ll maybe save that for another time.

The official PKA logo with a red heart was Mei Yee’s design, as I recall. The words going round the PKA logo are Greek: Hei Koinonia Agape tou Kristou. Meaning, The Fellowship Agape of Christ. So you have PKA in three languages in that design 🙂

More shirts will be posted now and then, when I have nothing better to offer or want to put up something pretty to look at. Till then…

PS. Congrats to kean on his 1000th hit, while we were away at Penang! And welcome back to my proppers, posting for the first time since I started ;> 

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