8-Bit Theater: King Steve on International Relations

Oh, King Steve! You so crazy! Or rather: stupid, delusional and very dangerous as a depostic monarch. Click the teaser images below to catch the full punchline! 

King Steve on Pacifism:


King Steve on October holidays:


3 Responses to “8-Bit Theater: King Steve on International Relations”

  1. bunnywunny Says:

    Meant to come when I first saw your comment, but only had the time now. Wah, quite geeky site ah? But I like. Geeky is the new aspirational ambition now *girds loins fitfully*

    So, signature loopy Ipoh humour. I think we should patent this Ipoh-syncracy 🙂

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Heh heh ;> Must be the high-minerals water… It accelerates the growth and also deterioration of t3h brain! Powder to the Perakeans!

    (The comment referred to is at http://bunnywunny.blogspot.com/2005/06/vicinity-perak-magazine-that-pays.html )

  3. haron Says:


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