Virus/Anti-virus Scam on the Spiritual Plane

Thanks to Anne for inspiring this post and providing the main analogy. Before you read on, please note this is a quite a polemic. Meaning that I may offend some readers with my words.

Shall we begin?


A Danger to the Body

Anne was telling me that her PC had just been infected with a computer virus… The Bartok virus, as it is apparently called. It must have been caught while various teachers were using their thumbdrives to transfer files – sticking the unprotected piece of equipment into their unsafe, disease-ridden computer bodies.

A hi-tech metaphor warning against casual sex if there ever was one! But that’s not the only analogy that can be drawn from this case. Read on…


A Danger to the Mind

One of the teachers had encountered the Bartok virus before, and had a program to fight it. The program was specifically anti Bartok virus (which seems very suspicious to me; a dedicated program to solve just one virus???).

So Anne ran the program, which kept getting shut off quickly (ostensibly by the very smart virus, which knew to stop the anti-Bartok program while letting other applications run uninterrupted). When it finally worked, it detected 8 or so infected files. These files were summarily repaired.

But a follow-up scan discovered 5 files that were still (or just had been) infected by Bartok. So clean-up again. The next scan immediately after found 13 files infected! Wow, the virus must be really quick to replicate, and also able to hide from the anti-Bartok scans!

But I suggested this scenario: What if the so-called ‘Bartok virus’ is actually rather innocious? That is, on its own it doesn’t really do much harm except spread quickly. But the creator of the virus also wrote an ‘anti-Bartok virus’ software, that when run is given full access and powers in your PC?

So the Bartok virus itself isn’t the big problem; voluntarily running the so-called anti-virus program is what really kills your PC!


A Danger to the Soul

The above method of sending a small menace to annoy you, then tricking you into binding yourself to a big menace as a ‘solution’ is an age-old methodology of evil spirits. Here’s what I mean…

Say some poor unfortunate gets possessed or otherwise tormented by an demon/evil spirit (I make no distinction between the two, as they are the same). In order to solve this problem, the person is taken to see a medium or similar spiritualist.

The medium invokes the name of Bob (insert some other more relevant name yourself, ISA notwithstanding). The demon gets kicked out and the problem is solved! Walla!

Only, there’s one little nuance that wasn’t taken into account. By invoking the name of Bob to help out, the person now owes a big favour to Bob.

And it’s no small repayment here, the person’s very life has just been bound to Bob. Just let me say that loan sharks are amateurs when it comes to exorbitant interest rates!

What has just happened is, like the above Bartok virus scenario, a small problem has been used to trick you into voluntarily chaining yourself to a big problem.

Because while Bob masquerades as a goody, helpey spirit-boss, in reality it is a higher-ranking, more powerful baddie spirit! Likely even the medium representing Bob doesn’t know it, and neither does the entire of Bob Consultation & Prayer Services Company Inc.

In fact, it is very likely that the original small problem was in cahoots with this scheme all along! The demon was one of many small fry on the payroll of Bob Inc. So it’s one big, fat, spiritual-realm scam.

Am I being confusing? What do I mean about major spiritual players being in league with the small problem spirits?

Well, I’m not going to directly say it for fear of slander and libel, so let an established and certified printed book say it instead.

Read 1 Corinthians 10: 19-20, Deuteronomy 32: 16-17 and Psalm 106: 36-38. And 2 Corinthians 11: 14-15 about the ‘Don’ of this mob, for good measure.

It’s a brilliant scam, one that is pulled off all the time – even in our supposedly scientific and superstition-free modern world. And so we really need a powerful, genuine virus-cleaning program. I think you just might find it around somewhere…


PS. See my post What is the Source of Magic in the Real World? for more about spiritual scams masquerading as benevolent aid.

PPS. Another analogy that this can be compared to is organized crime protection rackets – pay protection money to the mob to ‘protect’ your business from ‘crime’ and ‘other threats’. If you don’t, those bad things are guaranteed to happen to you, and in all likelihood are caused by that same mob as punishment for not co-operating.

PPPS. A similarly computer virus analogy from Terminator 3… A super virus is infecting computer systems worldwide and shutting down communications, business etc. Out of desperation, the US military hooks up their super-supercomputer Skynet to the worldwide network, in order to clean out all traces of the virus. But it turns out that “Skynet is the virus!”. It was merely a ruse so that the humans would let it take control of the entire world’s computer systems.

UPDATE: 10 Nov, Anne’s PC is unuseable due to infection. The problem is the Brontok worm (my mistake in calling it Bartok), and there really is such thing as a Brontok washer. But my analogy stands – who knows what crazy program the colleague used on her PC?

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5 Responses to “Virus/Anti-virus Scam on the Spiritual Plane”

  1. Windows Vista Tools Says:

    Adware Alert – No Spyware

    I suggest you to take a free scan and remove dangerous spyware and adware from your computer. Even if you think your computer is clean, you should scan and you will be surprised.

  2. What is the Source of Magic in the Real World? « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT Says:

    […] mafia rackets (see Virus/Anti-virus Scam on the Spiritual Plane for more), they will eventually demand a high price for their […]

  3. koder Says:

    Anti virus is a racket. Interesting spiritual analogy posted above.
    Solution = Linux

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    Well, as long as it’s not in the presence of Windows or Mac

  5. me Says:

    It’s interesting that the suggested “fix-all” method has the signs of just another scam. The “do-without-question” attitude is still inherinet in this piece. Believe in yourself before you believe anybody else.

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