Blog in the Night

It is 3:34am as I finish this, though it is posted in the daytime. The attacks of mosquitos awoke me at 12.50am or so. My stay-in-bed method of covering up with a blanket, waiting for a mosquito to buzz my head, and enveloping it with the blanket failed to achieve the desired results.

So I got up, swicthed on the light, grabbed a can of Fumakilla H20 and went a-hunting. By the end, I had hunted down and confirmed-kill-with-body 10 mozzies. Count ’em, TEN! No wonder I kept getting buzzed in my sleep. And all this with a nearly empty can of spray too. I have new backups, of course.

So up as I was, I decided to write the two posts that immediately follow this one (that is, they are directly above this post). I hope that they can be useful and relevant to you! God bless…

Unless you’re a mosquito. In that case, Scott blast!

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