Pure Soul Water

Picture your soul as a glass of pure water. This pure water represents the un-polluted state of your soul. Then one day, you commit sin by doing something bad – for example, you purposely kicked your younger brother. The pure water of your soul has now been tainted with one drop of arsenic. Arsenic is a deadly poison if you don’t already know.

Now over the years, you start accumulating arsenic with every evil deed. Sometimes it is a tiny drop, other times perhaps a spoonful. The water in yoru glass in unfit for drinking by any World Health Organization standard.

With this taint in you, you cannot be admitted to heaven. If heaven is a pure and perfect place, but someone who is impure and imperfect is allowed in, then heaven will no longer be pure and perfect. Even one tiny drop of sin is enough to spoil purity. One tiny drop of arsenic is enough to render a glass of Spritzer undrinkable. 99.9999% pure water is not truly ‘pure’.

So you turn your life around, and work hard to clean up your act/your soul. You do good things, think good things, say good things, hope good things. Each time you do, clean fresh water is added to the water-glass of your soul.

But even after dumping a bucketful of 100% water into your soul… Is the arsenic removed? No! Even diluted, it is still there. Heaven cannot accept your entry as long as there is sin in you, no matter how hidden it may seem to be. Would anyone want to drink water that has arsenic in it, even if it keeps getting diluted? Well, you’re asking heaven to drink the whole glassful, all the arsenice along with the accumulated water!

So once you have that first, single drop of arsenic/sin in you… You cannot enter heaven. Doing good works only adds more water; it cannot remove the arsenic, and more water cannot nullify the poison.

Let me clarify: NO AMOUNT of good works, positive karma, self-graded enlightenment, piety, prayers or pillars can remove the poisonous taint of evil that corrupts your soul! The works of man can never accomplish this; they only add on to a balance that doesn’t even count so long as one cannot approach the throne of God.

But Jesus can purify you. He can clean you through and through. Being God incarnate, He has the power to do so. Having willingly given His life on the cross for you, He has the right to do so. And being full of love for you, He is longing to do so!

He offers you a completely fresh start – All the arsenic removed, all the water in you 100% pure. That’s pure as pure gets! With that, you can finally enter heaven as a perfect soul! You can keep on adding more water now, so much the better. Your scales are ready to be weighed – not to earn you a place in paradise, but to demonstrate how gracious God has been to you!

It is only through Jesus that the water of you soul may be cleansed and pure.

“Ask Him, and He will give you living water…It will become in you a spring of wate, welling up to eternal life.” – John 4:10-14

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