The Search (Not) For Scott

On a whim of curiosity, I decided to check my blog stats. What I found surprised me… If you see below, many of the search engine terms (what people search for in Google, Yahoo or etc) that led people to my site seem very exact!

Search terms that REALLY seem specific to my posts are like: Xmen DNA Theory; scott penang; balancing two loves; meatball mole.

Less specific but still interesting (‘cos I blog about something well-known) such as: song abortion mommy; Height length and width space Trinity.

And of course, the searches for names of people/places I personally know: “anne leong”; ipoh; blog, jalankuang; karen lynn hew; kean uni, parties; “simon thong”. Simon Thong happens to be my dad’s name, btw.

The rest are just coincidences and nothing extraordinary. Well, even more coincidental and less extraordinary than the above examples, anyway. Like: kolot furniture. Uh, okay. I don’t recall ever even mentioning those words anywhere in my bloggings. And the unusual search term of: t. And of course, once again there is the ever-attractive power of my surname.

Hmm, do I appeal to popular interests? But using Google to search for those same terms out of curiosity, I seldom find my own blog appearing among the top hits. One exception is: balancing two loves. My blog gets top billing for that search term. I’m quite proud 🙂

I really hope that some of my posts (especially those under Apologia tou Kristou) can influence a few random readers for the good. It would be my little contributon to this lost, hostile online world.

Hmm, just a bit of egomania running in my blood I guess… I’m probably just a temporary detour for most of those travellers. But it was still pretty cool how some searches seemed so exact.
Search Terms for 7 days ending 2006-11-08


uni life photos 1
t 1
“anne leong” 1
8 bit theater rss 1
ipoh 1
blog, jalankuang 1
thong of the day 1
5 minute poem 1
vgcats 1
thong perverts 1
5 minute poems 1
song abortion mommy 1
dilbert decaf 1
making movies, making songs and fightin’ 1

karen lynn hew 4
woof im a cow 2
kean uni, parties 2
legend of iskandar zulkarnain 2
start your day poem 1
Height length and width space Trinity 1
Xmen DNA Theory 1
wallpapper lawyer 1
thong text america 1
5 minute poems 1
rusell crowe fighting round the world 1
arcturus mengsk speech rally throne 1

5 minute poetry 1
8-bit theater 1
hot thong 1
what happened to jb 1
free animated check mark, gifs, bullets 1

youtube roti tissue kayu 1
showmy thong textamerica 1
thong of the day 1
thong videos 1
scott penang 1

thong of the day 2
“simon thong” 1
wikipedia Thaicoup 1

8 bit theatre 2
hot thong 1
“Happy tree friends” animated gif 1
thong of the day 1
balancing two loves 1
kolot furniture 1
meatball mole 1
scot weather har 1
canweld 1
10 Questions for Evolutionists 1
doodle fun 1
Thong + text america 1
poem for the start of the day 1

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