A-Cross to the Promised Land

It was Mary Ann’s birthday yesterday! Have you wished her God’s blessings yet? She’s the manager of Maria’s, her family’s cafe. Straight out of uni, and she already has higher job poisition than us (only CEO Samuel Chong is higher)!

To celebrate, I’m going to elaborate on a really choon Bible discovery that I first learnt about from her blog. This is her original post.

Numbers chapter 2 describes God’s instructions for how the 12 Tribes of Israel were to camp and march. This is after the Exodus where the Red Sea has parted, allowing the Hebrews to travel across and escape from Egypt.


Try to arrange the Tribes around the Tent of Meeting (in the middle) according to the specified layout:


Notice that the because the Tribes have different numbers of people, so their arrangement doesn’t form an equal shape:


This is what they would look like from a bird’s eye view, or a nearby mountain:


Now as the Israelites were mostly travelling East to the Promised Land, the various hostile ihabitants in their way would have seen this formation marching directly at them:


Behold the symbol of God’s victory over the powers of the world! This was the sign of the Cross, more than as much as 1290 years before Jesus Christ was even born! God chose to give a fore-glimpse of how He would bring about the defeat of sin, centuries later. The opposing local tribes might have felt awed and stunned by this divine proclamation (as Mary Ann said), without even knowing why.

Realize that this is an account in the Old Testament, a Jewish composition which predates the Christian faith. Therefore, it could not have been written by the early Christians as a sort of retroactive prophecy of how Jesus lived and died, any more than other Messianic prophecies could have been falsely backdated writings. Note also that the early believers had no way of influencing the Romans to use crucifixion (in order to self-fulfill any prophecies).

7 Responses to “A-Cross to the Promised Land”

  1. Mike Coakley Says:

    I heard if this before through John Hagee…man the Lord is truly the greatest…keep uo the good work

  2. matt Says:

    i had heard something of this before and its great to see it presented here so well. Another aspect of this History is its present day application to the individual believer – if you can think of Egypt as being the world -saved and coming out of the world,traveling thru a spiritual wilderness whilst being purified of thoughts and personality traits that God wants to suppress,marching or going thru life under the symbol and authority of the Cross,the temple in the heart of the formation representing the indwelling Holy Spirit – fed supernaturaly,led by the person of Moses(the 10 commandments)as the Standard by which we are to attempt to live,crossing the Jordan(death) and coming at last into the Promised Land!
    Exodus is one of the most beautiful stories in the Bible,Praise His Name!!

  3. Ron Says:

    A great story… if you’re inclined to believe that two million people can wander a desolate habitat for 40 years subsisting on nothing but ‘manna’ and the occasional feast of contaminated quail.

  4. matt Says:

    Well Ron, there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are obviously dreamt of by your philosophy…..take the exodus story in its full context, together with an Almighty God….nothing is too hard for Him.
    Also, if your such a hard-boiled non-believer,why are you on this site??

  5. Ron Says:

    The LORD was with the men of Judah. They took possession of the hill country, but they were unable to drive the people from the plains, because they had iron chariots. (judges 1:19)

    Apparently God has limits. Damn those iron chariots.

  6. Scott Thong Says:

    Also, if your such a hard-boiled non-believer,why are you on this site?? – matt

    Cuz my site is FUN!!!!!1

  7. Ron Says:

    Why am I on this site? I do it for the lulz… plus the dude running this site solicitz commentz from us basement-bound peepz.

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