Fai-wa of the Day 3: More Dangerous Than…

“More dangerous than having unprotected sex with a great white shark, while skydiving.”

Unprotected sex is dangerous. You could get all sorts of horrid diseases, and even get pregnant if you’re female.

Sharks are dangerous enough. Great white sharks are even bigger, toothier and white-ier! And they certainly wouldn’t appreciate you getting fresh with them without the proper protocol (flowers, dinner and a movie). As they said in 50 First Dates: “Sharks are like dogs, they only bite if you touch their private parts.” And don’t even go into the shark-ey STDs or evolutionary-nightmare-baby you’ll be picking up…

And for the finishing touch, complicate things by doing all of the above while falling out of a plane from 20,000 feet. Actually, it’s only 2 verbs in total (falling and shark-loving). Not that complicated, but what the hey! Wheeeeee!

PS. If there’s anything more fai than today’s saying, it’s the fact I posted this when I did so that I could tell everyone I’m blogging while on holiday in Penang.

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