Was the Bible Changed? (Reasons Why It Could Not Have Been)

This post grew out of a reply I made to comments by a certain marea to one of my posts – he/she claims that the Bible was changed to. It is also meant as a partial rebuttal to yet other comments made by menj to the previous post.

Some parts of these explanations will be applicable from a neutral, scientific approach. Others are deliberately meant as arguments from a specific faith viewpoint. Accept what parts you will… I just hope to do my best to satisfy any objections.

So, here the reasons/arguments why the Bible today is the same as the original, and not a changed forgery. (Perhaps not 100% th same word for word, dot for dot, line for line. But the meaning and truths in God’s word definitely cannot be nullified or removed.)

1. Historical documents

There are a great number of ancient documents that you can actually look at and compare to the modern Bible. Doing so will reveal that what’s in the modern Bible is by no means recent fiction. There may be some differences in chapters and verses, but NOT ONE important message or doctrine is affected by any such discrepencies.

For the Old Testament, there’s the Masoretic texts (between 300 to 900 AD), the Septuagint (between 200 to zero BC), and the Dead Sea Scrolls (up to 700 BC). The Codex Amiatinus (700 AD) has the entire Bible.

For the New Testament, there’s the Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus (both around 300 AD), and over 24,000 New Testament manuscripts! The New Testament is found to be an amazing 99.95% textually pure.

As a Science graduate, natural skeptic, former debator and truth seeker, the above personally-checkable proofs are a very important reason why I believe the Bible to be the same as what God inspired His prophets and apostles to write. How about you?

2. The ancients didn’t change the texts

The books of the modern Bible is the result of careful selection, comtemplation and study of the various contenders. Athanasius already had a list of NT books identical to our modern NT in 367 AD.

Jesus Himself attests to the Old Testament canon in Matthew 23:25 – “And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Berekiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar.” Abel is from Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Zechariah is the last book in the ancient Jewish arrangement of the Old Testament.

Contrary to what Dan Brown may write, the church leaders didn’t simply pick what they felt like keeping and threw out the rest. Rather, they agreed on what were the already commonly accepted books of the New Testament.

Could they have removed all the parts they didn’t agree with and covered it up? Such as, perhaps, to remove all references to a certain prophet? They wouldn’t have had reason to do so for the 6 centuries before said person appeared, so it must have been after.

But look at the whole picture: There were already hundreds or thousands of copies of the Scriptures, spread across three continents, in dozens of languages, hidden away in caves and buildings. And Holy Rome, Byzantine and the Jews were not exactly the best of friends to agree on changing things simultaneously.

In fact, the accuracy and similarity of the modern Scripture to ancient documents readily attests to the church’s fine job in preserving God’s word for so many ages.

3. The moderns didn’t change the texts

Marea said that the Bible was changed recently, back in the fifties. Quite frankly, this is extremely impossible to pull off. I’m including this so you can see how incredulous a charge it is.

The Bible is by far the best selling book in all of history. Literally BILLIONS of Bibles have been printed and sold! Let’s use a modest estimate of 6 billion.

That’s not counting free Bibles for gifts and evangelism; books about the Bible; references to the Bible (such as Daily Bread); handwritten Bibles over the centuries; Bibles hidden away in cupboards and drawers… And in more languages than any other text. Even some parts in Klingon, heh!

You tell me, how any organization in the world could change every single one of these countless Bibles.

4. The Bible as God’s eternal word

The Bible is considered to be God’s infallible, un-nullifiable and unchangeable Holy Word by Christians. In fact, one argument against the early Christians changing the Scriptures to suit their whims is that they considered these writings to be holy and not to be tampered with.

Jesus said Himself that “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.(Luke 21:33)

In fact, even the Quran attests that the Bible is God’s very word: He sent down the Law (of Moses) and the Gospel (of Jesus) before this, as a guide to mankind…” part of Al E Imran 3, as taken from this site.

This ought to stop the believers among you from off-handedly making accusations. God is all powerful, fully capable and willing to ensure that His message is not blatantly distorted or lost from His Holy Word.

Skeptics pick apart and mock the Scriptures. The communists destroyed countless Bibles. Many nations ban the Bible even today. Naturalists control the science and education systems, labelling anything to do with God as fantasy and non-science.

But God’s Word marches on, never ceasing…

PS. For more on the Canon of the Bible, you can listen to Joshua Hooi’s words on the Old Testament Canon and the New Testament Canon.

16 Responses to “Was the Bible Changed? (Reasons Why It Could Not Have Been)”

  1. mugisha Says:

    i agree with you a hundred percent! your argument is just like man but only better! thanks.

  2. Mikle Says:

    Truly amazing. Had a debate about this today, this settle my thoughts.

    Bible is the Word of God.
    No Doubt.
    Jesus truly loves you.

  3. mega Says:

    go to the site: answering christianity

    type “answering christianity” in the google search dialog box and you will learn more on christianity

  4. mega Says:

    Bible Contradictions, Errors: Bible is Full of Contradictions & Errors
    Believers treat the Bible as if it were perfect and without flaws, infallible and error-free. The truth, is that the Bible has lots of errors, mistakes, and contradictions. That’s only to be expected in a set of texts written and collected over several thousand years. In any other collection, errors and contradictions would be unremarkable. Because it’s the Bible, this generates no end of debate.
    Gospel Contradictions (8)
    Who wrote the 5 books of Moses?
    Details on recent scholarship about the authorship of the “Pentatuch.”
    Atheism Ads
    Bible Studying Bible Quiz Questions Memory Bible Verses Teach Bible Bible God
    Matthew’s problems
    It seems that the author of the Book of Matthew didn’t quite get everything right…
    The Gospel FAQ
    What are the Gospels? Peter Kirby presents an excellent beginners document.
    Strange Verses
    Have a look at some of the odder portions of the Bible – the ones they never mention in Sunday School.
    “Error” of Balaam
    Balaam got a really bad rap from the authors of the New Testament – and thus can we find a simple Biblical error.
    Solomon’s Wisdom?
    “Was Solomon really as wise as Christians think? Sandra Till says that some of the biggest absurdities in the Bible concern “the so-called wisdom of Solomon.””
    Scientific Boo-Boos in the Bible
    If the Bible makes basic errors in science, how can it be inerrant?
    Did the Judge of All the Earth Always Do What Was Right?
    “The killing of David’s son for his parents’ act of adultery was a clear violation of the principle in Deuteronomy 24:16.”
    Poisoning the Well
    How inerrantists avoid rational arguments: “The poisoned-well fallacy can be a composite of many logical flaws, but it almost always includes at least two: argumentum ad hominem and begging the question.”
    Biblical Inconsistencies by Donald Morgan
    Impressive list of contradictions and inconsistencies.
    Bible Errors
    A few choice mistakes from the Good Book.
    Biblical Harmony?
    “…bibliolaters cannot harmonize the Bible without resorting to scenarios so preposterously far-fetched that only the very credulous can believe them.”
    Bible Critique
    A wide-ranging critique of what the Bible is and how it is used by people today.
    Any Loophole Will Do
    “The how-it-could-have-been scenario is a common tactic that fundamentalists use to “explain” passages in the Bible that pose serious problems for the inerrancy doctrine. But it is an invalid tactic”
    Bible Contradictions
    One more listing of various biblical contradictions.
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  5. mega Says:

    (Mikle Says:
    May 3, 08 at

    Truly amazing. Had a debate about this today, this settle my thoughts.

    Bible is the Word of God.
    No Doubt.
    Jesus truly loves you.) …and i say……………..no debate please

    COUNTLESS abrogations by GOD Almighty in Moses’ and David’s books in the OT!

    Joseph was 90 years old when he married 12 to 14-year old Mary! Was Joseph also a pedophile? This piece was added to the article Prophet Muhammad’s marriage with our mother Aisha, peace be upon both of them. This should further silence the barking hypocrites from the Jews and Christians who insist on calling Prophet Muhammad a pedophile for marrying a young girl, for the step-daddy of their god, who ran to Egypt for his life from king herod after he wanted to kill him, was also a pedophile according to their hypocrisy.

    The Bible in Leviticus 20:21 allows for parents to marry their children! pulsar.gif (2171 bytes)

    Christianity’s biggest lies, the Crucifixion and Resurrection, were never prophesied in the Bible’s Old Testament!

    You’ll also see how John 19:36 falsely referenced Psalm 34:20 about the unbroken bones of Jesus, when Psalm 34:19-20 were talking about any righteous man.

    Jesus himself commanded the killing of apostates! pulsar.gif (2171 bytes)

    GOD’s stupidity is smarter than all of us?! pulsar.gif (2171 bytes) (According to Paul’s blasphemies)

    The Hidden Truth: Prophet Muhammad is the “That Prophet” in the Bible. By brother Umar Hassan.

    At least 5 US presidents do not believe in trinity. Thomas Jefferson even read the Noble Quran and taught himself some Arabic!

    The ecumenical councils of Church, and how Jesus was made part of the trinity. Read what happened in the first 7 council. Many Christians do not know about the important facts in this article.

    1. GOD’s stupidity is smarter than all of us?! According to Paul!

    2. The Evidence for a Physical Paradise.

    3. Christianity’s biggest lies, the Crucifixion and Resurrection, were never prophesied in the Bible’s Old Testament! You’ll also see how John 19:36 falsely referenced Psalm 34:20 about the unbroken bones of Jesus, when Psalm 34:19-20 were talking about any righteous man.

    4. Lying in the Bible planned and commanded by GOD Himself! No such command as “Thou Shalt not lie” exists in the Bible! This is a lie made by Jews and Christians.

    6. Prophet Muhammad’s prescription of animals’ unine to cure headaches and fevers was scientifically valid.

    *** Our modern Aspirin, Tylenol and Advil pills do contain animal urines in them. Premarin = PREgnant MARe urIN.

    7. Camel sacrifice in the Bible and the Noble Quran. See the economical reasons of why Allah Almighty allowed it for the Muslims. Also see how Allah Almighty did mention the animals with split hoofs in the Noble Quran. I proved that the Bible clearly allowed camel sacrifice to its followers! Jesus and Paul both allowed their followers to even eat dead and rotten animals.

    8. Pedophelia, Terrorism and Mass Murder in the Bible!
    – The Terror in the Bible.
    – Gods Punishment in the Bible: Pregnant Women will be ripped open!
    – Kill all “Suckling Infants”.

    9. The New Testament confirms the Apocalypse (Revelation in Greek) of Peter which claims that Jesus never died on the cross!

    10. The New Testament itself refutes the lie about those who don’t believe Jesus got crucified are going to Hell. See how the polytheist trinitarian pagans’ wishful fundamentalism has serious contradictions regarding Salvation and holds no ground in the Bible.

    11. What is the role of the Holy Spirit in Islam? Why can’t we call it GOD?

    – Rebuttal to Sam Shamoun: Is the Holy Spirit Omniscient?

    12. “Let us create” in Genesis 1:26-27 doesn’t prove trinity. See how the Bible clearly defines “our likeness” and “our image” as only having knowledge of good and evil.

    13. Did Jesus really forgive sins? Or is this another trinity lie?

    14. Muslims do not worship the Kaaba. See how the Bible’s Prophets (including Jesus) bowed their faces to the ground before GOD Almighty the Islamic way.

    15. The “Holy Family Trinity”. See my rebuttal article about the Holy Spirit. Also, one of the trinities that existed and still exists is the trinity of father, mother and child (son). See how the Noble Quran addressed all of them (the trinities), and made it clear that any/all types of worship to Jesus and/or Mary is complete blasphemy, regardless of what the “trinity” is called.

    16. Abrogation (GOD Almighty supposedly Changing His Mind) in the Bible! See the moral contradictions that unjustly favor the strong over the weak in the Bible!


    Why did Jesus initially say that all non-Jews (Gentiles) were the “Jews’ dogs”?

    18. Quotes from the NIV and KJV Bible theologians admitting that the Bible is CORRUPT, and the books and gospels were written by MYSTERIOUS people in unknown dates and unknown places! Did the Prophets of GOD Almighty truly write the Bible? Ironically, the Bible talks about the details of Moses’ death and burial in Moses’ 5 books! Did Moses write about his own death and burial while he was dead?? Worse examples about Bible Corruption exist in the New Testament!

    How can Jesus be GOD Almighty when he ESCAPED to Egypt from King Herod? Does the Arrogant and Mighty GOD Almighty of the OT, who Punishes to death those who curse His Holy Name in the OT, run away like a sissy for His Life from His creation??

    19. Why did Jesus beg GOD Almighty and Pray ALL NIGHT LONG to not get crucified? Jesus compromised his own teachings regarding Prayers. He commanded his followers to Pray in a certain way and he then compromised it by bowing down to GOD Almighty. He only prostrated to GOD Almighty during his most desperate times with his face down to the ground, while we Muslims do it everyday in our 5-daily set of Prayers. He also did the “vain repetitions” ENDLESSLY all night long while he prohibited his followers from doing it. By the way, the Jesus of Islam is not a hypocrite.

    20. The “God” title was given to MANY in both the OT and NT! Only “Yahweh” is the Unique title for GOD Almighty.

    Isaiah 42 clearly talks about the Prophet of Arabia, Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    21. Jesus told the Jews that GOD Almighty’s Covenant will be given to the Muslims.

    22. The early Christians’ doctrines agree with Islam by claiming that Jesus never got crucified!

    23. The early Christians doctrines clearly and irrefutably REJECTED trinity.

    24. Are these Paul’s own words or GOD Almighty’s UNCOMPROMISED Revelations?!

    25. Paul nullified and contradicted the point of Baptism. Him calling the disbelievers, who are supposed to be doomed to Hell, as “sanctified” and “holy” is clear nonsense and stupidity, and further proves with CLEAR-CUT proofs that his words were not Revelations from GOD Almighty. It also contradicts GOD Almighty’s verdict about them in the Old Testament.

  6. mega Says:

    The lie of the crucifixion!

    (According to the early Christians)

    The New Testament confirms the Apocalypse of Peter which claims that Jesus never died on the cross!

    1. Did the Disciples of Jesus really die for the trinity and/or crucifixion lie?

    2. The many different Canons (New Testaments) that Christians believe in, and the hundreds of manuscripts.

    3. A video about the writings of Jesus’ own family members that were banned by the church because they presented Jesus as a mere servant of GOD Almighty and never once did they talk about any crucifixion or resurrection! Saint Jude, another one of Jesus’ family, also warns about the internal enemies who will mislead many and teach false doctrines that are outside the “family’s tradition”.

    Also according to several of Jesus’ Disciples’ early writings!

    Jesus never got crucified according to Islam and the early Christians’ doctrines!

  7. Tony Says:

    Muslims can’t even tell us what happened to Jesus Christ whom they call a prophet in the Quran, matter of fact JESUS is called the spirit of Allah, the word of Allah, the Messiah, and yet they call him just a prophet
    they also believe Jesus was born of a virgin, never explain why

    The Quran claims to be a clear book, its anything but clear..

    Ask any Muslim what happened to JESUS did he die on the cross
    and you are likely to get 100 different answers..

    from Jesus never died to yes he died, to Jesus was on the cross, to no he was never on the cross, but a look alike was on the cross to Jesus fled from a window and made one of his Apostles look like him and he was the one killed, and Jesus will reward him with heaven lol


  8. John Spartan Says:

    So you would have us believe that King James, a flaming homosexual, *publisher* of the King James Bible we all quote and know so little of, did not have his team of translators, change the titles of dictators, emperors, tyrants, to reflect his notion that all *kings* are there by the appointment of God? See the difference in refering to king and tyrant? The New American Standard Bible has 6 references to there being tyrants, but the KJV has none.
    I’ll never be convinced that what man publishes, man edits to match his message.

  9. Scholar Says:

    The idea that modern versions of the bible are unchanged from the original manuscripts and scrolls is flawed.

    Modern translations have rather large differences I am afraid. The NIV is missing 17 verses that are in the KJV.

    In the NIV one third of the lords prayer is missing (Key words and phrases taken out that change the meaning).

    There are many differences between the various translations of “the bible” I put the bible in quotes, because as pointed out, there are many manuscripts, written at many different times. They do not all agree, thus the enterpreters (I use the word enterpreter rather than translator, because a word for word translation would in many cases not make sense to modern western minds), pick and choose which ancient manuscripts they base “the bible” on.

    There are approximatly 55,000 differences between the KJV and the NIV alone. This is the unchanged Word Of God? I think not.

    Please note that many Christians have speculated that the changes in several versions have been made to strengthen or weaken specific doctrin.

  10. Scholar Says:


    The Catholic Bible has 73 books, the protestant 66.

    Which, even ignoring the differences between the various pretestant versions. It seems “the bible” IS indeed very different depending on which one you happen to read.

  11. Scott Thong Says:

    Modern translations have rather large differences I am afraid.

    You hit the nail on the head when you used the term translations. What is a translation? It is the interpretation of the original document into another language, reliant upon the knowledge and judgment of the translators. But does that change the correctness of the original?

    Put it into modern pop culture context. Massive flame wars are ongoing between fans of the manga/anime One Piece over the simple matter of whether the correct English term to use is Marines or Navy. Each has a perfectly legitimate argument for why their translation/interpretation/localization is better, even as multiple versions exist.

    But does that change the source material – the original Japanese manga published weekly in Shonen Jump? Do the waring trans-clans mean what sensei Oda intended is void?

    Similarly, the current variants in Biblical translations – and yes, even lists of canonical books – does not affect what the original manuscripts have written on them. And as more information is gleaned, we come closer to a modern version that is 100% the same as what the 1st-Century churches used. That is far more than can be said for any other religious or secular text.

    The differences between the NIV and the KJV are present because of the more up to date research and discoveries in the fields of linguistics and archaeology that were used to create the NIV. Does this mean that the NIV is the final copy, the ultimate standard that will never be improved upon? Or will newer, more accurate versions be released as new information leads us to modern Bible translations that are ever closer to the original as first handed down 2000+ years ago?

    The great thing is that so many copies of the ancient manuscripts that are collected as the New Testament today are available. This is what lets us compare fragment to fragment and decide to include in the NIV footnotes detailing the variant readings and sources for the reader to weigh.

    As it is, the closest to the original manuscripts that we have today is the Hebrew Bible. As an example, the Book of Isaiah in modern Hebrew Bibles is 99.5% exactly the same as the Dead Sea Scrolls copy that has been dated to 100-300 B.C., down to the very spelling of each word.

    As for the differences between Roman Catholics and Protestants, you need to know the history and arguments for why the canonical books of the NT, the Apocrypha and various other non-canonical books like the ‘Gospel of Thomas’ are considered part or not part of the Bible proper. If not, you might as well raise the issue of the Book of Mormon and the Quran as ‘part of the Bible’.

    And finally, as any apologists can quote, not one single major doctrine rests on a disputed reading or translation. Check between the various denominations and translators, and all will still agree that only Jesus Christ can save us from our sins, etc. (As far as I know, mainstream Christianity does not hinge your salvation upon how many lines you utter in the Lord’s Prayer.)

    PS. Note also that this post was originally intended as an answer to the standard Islamic accusation that the Bible was deliberately altered to a great extent in order to redact prophecies relating to Mohammad’s status as the ‘last prophet’. The points I give are suited towards debunking such accusations.

  12. Scholar Says:

    How many people read the original manuscripts? How many people are even capable of reading the various dead languages they are written in.

    When most people speak of “the bible” they are talking about the translation thay have and use in their church and bible study classes.

    Some of the changed phrases to indeed seem to strengthen or weaken spefic doctrine (not eliminate entirely, but weaken all the same).

    The vast majority of people only have access to the translations. You also mention that the newer versions are more accurate. Many people would dispute that, and point the the KJV as being the most accurate of the English translations.

  13. Scott Thong Says:

    We can always do what pastors in training do… Learn New Testament Greek and read the texts in the original language. And then maybe even visit the museum or library and compare to the 2000 year old manuscripts.

  14. Scholar Says:

    NT != Bible. Only a part of it. So to read all the early manuscripts and compare them. You would need to be able to read and understand at least the following list of lanaguages:

    Paleo Hebrew
    Greek (Septuagint)
    Greek (Koine)

    New Testament Greek is not a language by the way. It is a common term for Koine Greek.

  15. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    Huh..what they are saying Br. Scott..! How do you thing..? Responses.. especially by “Mega” and “Scholar” above needed to be discussed and catered further. Don’t keep it pending or unsettled. I hope they both (and many other peoples) could also visit our earlier discussions on the status of the Bible etc. under sub-topic “Obamessiah” in this your blog. I hope all apologists, polemicists and their exegesis could do so/ be done thereon (click the “Obamessiah” subtopic). So that multi-lateral readers could contribute there (neatly under one thread). I will take part when I’m free or when I have the questions/ ideas. Thanks

  16. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks for the info. Well I suppose in the interest of accuracy, we could do what Islam does and make everyone learn Arabic in order to read the Quran properly. But this would be at the cost of evangelistic efforts. (I believe the Bible is currently the most widely translated document in the world, with translations into even local dialects.)

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