Top Ten For ‘Datuk Azhar Mansor’ Searches on Google,

Finally! I’m back to JB after the HORRORS of Bangi connections! 75% of the time I wouldn’t even be able to access my blog after a few minutes. Hurray for smooth Streamyx!

I found something surprising recently. Searching for ‘Datuk Azhar Mansor’, ‘Azhar Mansor’ and ‘Datuk Mansor’ on Google and will turn up my blog as one of the top hits! Even higher than Noorulla Online and newspapers, and sometimes even the very top hit! Searching for ‘Azhar Mansor’ doesn’t turn up my blog, though. Drat! đŸ™‚

Is my blog really the best source for information on this matter? I don’t even keep proper updates here! Go to The 10 Commandments’ blog for a copy of Dauk Azhar Mansor’s pres conference (from The Sun newpaper’s website).

Well anyway. Click on the images to see the full pix of the pages I saved. Dated 26 November 2006.


GoogleAzhar1 GoogleAzhar2 GoogleAzhar3


AnswersAzhar1 AnswersAzhar2 AnswersAzhar3

PS. Sorry to everyone who doesn’t care for these ‘bragging’ posts. It’s just that I’m pretty amazed when my still fresh blog gets attention.

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