10 Billion Bucks and A Country to Run

(The following post sounds more fun and less harshly critical if you read it with a fake-o Latin American accent) 


Greetings, El Presidente! You have just been voted into power in a sun-bathed tropical paradise. The nation is ripe for development, and we have 10 billion moolah in the national treasury to spend.
What would you like to do?

Well, Señor Presidential Assistante, for starters I would…

Improve police training, performance and pay to safeguard our country from internal crime; rather than buy more military equipment to ward off external enemies.

Also, assign more police to crime prevention and stopping bad men; rather than having so many traffic police to issue summons for overdue parking to ordinary citizens.

Improve school-teacher training and pay so that they can teach our children well; rather than install many computers in a few schools for the benefit of the lucky few.

Expand and improve public transport systems to ease congestion in every city and town; rather than manufacture national cars from scratch on our taxpayers’ bill.

Preserve, promote and improve tourist access to old and unique attractions found only in our country; rather than build new architectural wonders that can already be found in many other cities across the world.

Train up many, many world class professionals to cater to industry needs; rather than send one man on an expensive holiday into space.

Build up our country’s reputation through sound economic achievement, scientific and artistic advancements, and social development; rather than thump our collective chest with treasury depleting one-shot mega-projects.

Develop our proud and worthy country from the bottom up; rather than put on a fancy mask and try and win ‘face’ from the international club-goers.

Well, I think that about sums up my plans for now! But of course, Señor Assistante, that is just my personal understanding. I have only ever been Presidente of the English Language Club before this, after all!

Together, let us build up our glorious tropical nation!

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