One Piece Manga MSN Group


9 Responses to “One Piece Manga MSN Group”

  1. hoodsy Says:

    yoha…one piece is the best manga that i read…

  2. svt Says:

    It´s the best!

  3. Thing Says:

    um how come ur msn site is disabled and are u guys ganna make another one like that one?

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    The site is okay, it’s just that every once in a while they disable access to it to update some stuff. Has happened before. It will be back online again in a short while, check back later.

  5. Temmy Says:

    well, you losers don’t even know the meaning of one piece, you didn’t even read one piece volume 48! because i did you losers! hahaha!

  6. softropic Says:

    cool!! free msn icons

  7. Anan Says:

    I like one piece. One Piece is number one.

  8. Miyuki Says:

    Are you like Zoro? or are you like Luffy?

  9. Fachreza Says:

    I have everything about one piece, from comics,film,even clothes!!!

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