Gallows For Rapist/Murderer in Noor Suzaily Case

Rapists be warned! Malaysia has no place for beasts like you. Excerpts from the New Straits Times 13 Dec 06.

PUTRAJAYA: Murder convict Hanafi Mat Hassan showed no emotion when the Federal Court unanimously dismissed his appeal and upheld his death sentence.


Yet, the former Kiara Express bus driver put up a different show when he was led outside the court after the judgment. He tried to kick Press photographers.

He was found guilty of murdering Noor Suzaily Mukhtar, 24, a computer engineer, at the Taman Bukit Tinggi construction site near Lorong Pegaga, Taman Chi Liung, Klang, between 8.50am and 9.15am on Oct 7, 2000.

Hanafi, of Kampung Renik, Bachok, Kelantan, was also found guilty of raping the victim at the same place and time.

He was sentenced to death for the murder and jailed 20 years and ordered to be given 12 strokes for the rape.

Despite the whipping sentence for rape being affirmed by the Federal Court, it is unlikely that the strokes will be implemented. Under Section 289 of the Criminal Procedure Code, a person who is facing the gallows shall not be whipped.

The full report has some gruesome details of the case as well. What do I say?

I say I’m proud to live in a country, where proven paedophilic child rapists cum murderers are NOT given parole for ‘good behaviour’, only to go and abuse more victims, wash rinse repeat. Unlike some overly liberal societies.

On the other hand, I’m also glad to live in a country where everyone gets a fair trial (ISA and manipulation of evidence notwithstanding). Neither are the citizens summarily imprisoned, murdered or exiled for havings views different from the ruling government.

And for the case above, I would recommend the whipping be carried out before the execution. Just because the criminal receives the death penalty for murder, doesn’t mean he should escape the whipping penalty for rape. Two crimes, pay for them both I say.

Cruel? Not as cruel as what he did to the innocent victim.

2 Responses to “Gallows For Rapist/Murderer in Noor Suzaily Case”

  1. the10Commandments Says:

    If only he can assure us that he will repent and proove himself that he will never do that again, i’ll give him second chance. But it seemed that he clearly show no emotion. History taught us that people like this will never change unless otherwise he accepts Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour. To be a new creature….

    Well, basically, as I have been promoting, all back to The 10 Commandment. See it HERE

  2. mad Says:


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