Perak Religious Department to Continue Raids on Hotels

From The Star 20 Dec

IPOH: The Perak Islamic Religious Department will continue with its raids on hotels if it receives complaints of sinful acts there, its director Datuk Jamry Sury said. 

The department disagreed with a suggestion by Perlis Mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, who called for a stop to such raids. 

Jamry said it was improper to prevent the Islamic religious authority from making such raids as it was its responsibility to prevent sinful acts, regardless of the location where they were being committed. 

“If the authority is not allowed to inspect hotels, unmarried Muslim couples will take the opportunity to commit sins there without any fear or conscience,” he told reporters at his office here. 

Furthermore, it would be pointless to set up the enforcement division if its function was restricted, he added.


Hmm, looks like it may be best for us to avoid having our honeymoon in Perak. Seeing as how morali-stormtroopers may battering-ram our door down, demand to see our marriage certificate and film the whole episode as ‘evidence’.

What, you think their jurisdiction doesn’t extend to us? That we won’t be tattle-taled upon by over-zealous spotters? That there’s no point in worrying because the raiders are all highly trained and very professional in their duties?

Uh-huh. They already made a huge mistake with these two:


   ObviouslyNonMuslimKhalwat1     ObviouslyNonMuslimKhalwat2

Yup, everyone knows that pale-white Caucasian Americans are the most outspoken professing Muslims in the world. Everyone also knows that 60+ year old people are the most infamous perpetrators of illicit one-night stands.


So of course they would have been mistaken as an unmarried Muslim couple. The Randals’ respective parents must be SO SHOCKED that their innocent kids could resort to such VICE. For shame!

At least we can rest assured that the indecency-squad didn’t barge in on them in order to get some sick voyeuristic thrill. After all, who would intentionally want to gawk at a sarong-clad sextogenarian?

I think I may be quite correct when I say that Anne and I look slightly more local than the Randals above. And slightly younger too, Anne being mistaken for a school/college student more than a few times already.

So all it would take is a coffee-overdosed guardian-of-all-that-is-good-and-moral to report us for ‘sinful extramarital, illegitimate, underage sex in a hotel room’ and the SWAT (Snooping, Watching And Tattling) teams will rappel down the outside of the Syuen and crash thru the glass.

Add these to my wish-list of wedding presents: An electronic signal jammer (to short out anti-khalwat spy cameras in the hotel room); a supercharged laser-pointer (to blind peeping toms); and a 12-gauge automatic shotgun (specially for greeting the 2am visitors).

Now THAT, my overzealous enforcers, is illegal.

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9 Responses to “Perak Religious Department to Continue Raids on Hotels”

  1. SELVIN Says:




  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Sure, go ahead. My e-mail is at the top-right of my blog.

    But if you’re selling miracle virility-increasing wonder drugs or want to deposit 12.6 million Nigerian dollars into my bank account, there’s a long queue at my e-mail doorstep.

  3. kean loong Says:


    wonder what’s that supposed to mean 🙂

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    Tak tau. Joshua Hooi’s blog also kena a few comments along those lines, also in CAPS. Mystery!

  5. SELVIN Says:

    dear scott,
    Frens i dont hav anthing insincere or unpleasant. am not a sales personnel but am a christian sincerely trying to help a former student in USM. I checked all around n got ur blog thro the pka.
    its confidential n hav already emailed joshua.
    pl do not misunderstand me

  6. Scott Thong Says:

    Sorry sorry! Just joking earlier. My e-mail (as stated on my blog itself) is

  7. SELVIN Says:

    thank you my frens
    i do understand. old ppl like me hav to type in caps.
    i thank GOD 4 believers who write 4 GOD.

  8. dignendMofe Says:

    Snx for you job!
    It has very much helped me!

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