Weird Webs: Spiders on Drugs

This is a redo of one part of my second post ever, Cacacacaf-f-f-feine It’s mostly taken from a browsing of several websites on the subject, including sentences from this site.

The experiment involves injecting a fly with a drug and feeding it to a spider. The spider is then allowed to go off and spin a web. The spider’s behavious and the web pattern is observed.

First, a normal web spun by a healthy, drug-free spider for reference:


Spiders fed Benzedrine (‘Speed’) spin their webs “with great gusto, but apparently without much planning leaving large holes”, according to New Scientist magazine:


Spiders fed caffeine (take note coffee-junkies) spin webs that seem strung together at random:


Chloral hydrate, an ingredient of sleeping pills, makes the spiders sleepy:


Hashish (cannabis), which makes one feel relaxed:


LSD, the infamous hallucinogenic drug:


Marijuana (ganja), similar to hashish/cannabis:


Mescaline (peyote), another hallucination-inducer extracted from cactus:


And here’s a video, courtesy of hutchrun:

Conclusion: The more toxic the chemical, the more deformed the web is. The type of the drugs (depressant or stimulant) and its effects show in the way the web is spun. Imagine what drugs do to your life.


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6 Responses to “Weird Webs: Spiders on Drugs”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    Lilly Tee was interested in crack 🙂

  2. hutchrun Says:

    On peyote:

  3. ELiza Says:

    Why do you cuss?

  4. ELiza Says:

    Ha. This is a really cool thing! Except for the fact that they cuss!

  5. Spider On Caffeine | Medicine Blog Says:

    […] Spiders fed caffeine (take […]

  6. Simon Thong Says:

    Am absolutely glad my brain is bigger than a spider’s. LOL. Responds positively to Nescafe 3-in-1 every morning; thinks clearly and performs better till lunch on nothing else.

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