UN Enforceeeeeers!


Except for train cartoon, the rest from Time.vcom

A continuation of my old post and the UN’s excellent track record of effective peacemaking.

Now if it were just any old peace-lovin’ country, there might not be a peep out of the concerned world. So what if Iran eventually gets nukes? Who in their right mind would use them post WWII?

But see, the Iranians’ beloved leader (well, not so beloved by the student protestors) has a rather clear intentions about what he’d do with a nuclear missile. And if his trigger finger shoots off as fast as his mouth, well…


From http://www.coxandforkum.com/archives/2007_02.html

In my opinion, might as well just let whoever wants to build a superweapon if they feel like it. Kim Jong-Il of North Korea says he has, after all, and see how nice the UN is playing with him!



Just be sure to remind them that more established nuclear-capable nations have hundreds of nuclear-fusion warheads mounted on intercontinental ballistic missiles, to your one or two fission weapons on a Soviet-era rocket. Once you use a nuke on a foreign city, you give the right to have your entire nation blanketed in retaliatory nuclear strikes.

Quid pro quo.

2 Responses to “UN Enforceeeeeers!”

  1. Mad Bluebird Says:

    The UN is the biggist supporters of terrorists we should eveict the UN from our nation and have the whole UN area bulldozed

  2. postexpress Says:

    A 151-nation meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency narrowly voted against an Arab push to censure Israel for not opening up its nuclear activities to inspection on Friday.

    Of nations present, 51 voted against a resolution called “Israeli Nuclear Capabilities.” Fifty-one voted for, and 23 abstained. The rest were absent.

    The vote was closely watched after last year’s meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency passed the same resolution by a small margin.

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