10,000 Hits!


At long last, I have reached the magical 10,000 mark!

   9999Hits     BlueRightArrow     10kHits

It’s been six and a half months since I first started blogging. Today is the 195th day. Over these 195 fun-filled days…

I’ve gotten 10,000 hits! That averages 51.282051 hits a day. The actual best day ever was 265 views of my blog in a day, back during the Datuk Azhar Mansor period of hoo-hah.

I’ve made 234 posts (including this one). That averages exactly 1.2 posts a day (6 posts every 5 days).

With 10,000 hits and 234 posts, that averages 47.735 hits per post.

And according to the WordPress Dashboard, I’ve used 44% of my 50mb allocation for this blog. But I’ve already made preparations for the event of using up all my space.

There are also 149 comments62 Blogroll links and 787 spams caught…


The hits over the past 30 days:


The most popular posts over the past 30 days:


Ahhhh….. So now that I’ve reached the 10k mark, I can retire contented from the world of blogging….

Yeah, right! Hehe! Here’s to more posts, more hits and (hopefully) eventual worldwide recognition. (Even As I write the day after on 31st Jan, the hits are at 10114… Over a hundred more since the 30th.)

And in conjunction with my little celebration, below is a selection of posts over the past half year that I find fun, interesting, excellent or worthwhile reading. Enjoy!


Apostasy, Treason and North Korea

BUUUUURRRRNING HOT!!! (Lysol Flamethrower)


Chopper, Be A Man!

Christ as God… In the OLD Testament!

Dueling Analogs: Tetris Love

8-Bit Theater: Destructive & Insulting

Fai-wa of the Day 3: More Dangerous Than…

Gunslinger Scott and the 50 Desperados

Hell, If I Know

Isaiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Mommy Why Don’t You Love Me

Morality: Of Absolutes and Relatives

Rule Enforcement, DoTA and the Ugly Southeast Asian

Sadat of Sarawak

Satellite Zoom In: Scott’s Workplace

The Sun Speak Up!: Beware Fascism in Science

What I Learnt in Bio Class

What Did the Vietnam War Ever Accomplish?

Why the Chinese Act Like Chinese in Malaysia (or, Why the DAP is Not in Power)

WRYYYYYY!!! Dio Brando The World

You Have Two Cows: Southeast Asian Edition

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