The Star Opinion: Disappointed Over Mahathir’s Comments

Note also, Dr. M, that the majority of those killing and being killed are Iraqis, Sunni vs Shia. Care to mention that in your next ‘hope more people die’ tirade?


From The Star 12 Feb 2007

Disappointed over Mahathir’s comments

I AM so disappointed by Tun Dr Mahathir’s comments in The Star that more American soldiers need to return in body bags to teach the US the error of its ways. 

While I agree with him that the US invasion of Iraq is legally abhorrent, hoping for more lives (on either side) to be lost is equally repugnant. 

The US President and Congress are responsible for waging this war, and the international community should rightly pressure them to depart from Iraq as soon as is feasible. 

But at the same time, we should sympathise equally for each life lost, whether American or Iraqi. Behind every dead civilian or soldier, stands a grieving mother, father, brother, sister, wife and child. Those of us who have never had to live every second in dread of that knock on the door of our homes, by a man in uniform with an envelope bearing the bad news in his hands, will never begin to even understand the feelings of the family of those serving in Iraq. 

We should all learn to treat the human aspects of a war more sensitively and tastefully. 


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