Rob the Police Whydoncha

So then, it seems that criminals have declared war on the police. This is a step up from their ongoing war on ordinary citizens. Perhaps now the police force will receive the necessary budget allocation and upgrade it so sorely needs to take effective action against crime.


 From The Sun 13 Feb 2007:

Burglars targeting homes of retired top cops?
Charles Ramendran
SHAH ALAM (Feb 13, 2007): Criminals have become bolder day by day.Apart from hitting the common man’s house, they have also struck more secure homes of VIP’s, ministers and prominent businessmen.But of late, the houses of ex-top police officers have become their targets.In the latest case today, former federal CID director Datuk Fauzi Saari’s double-storey link house in Shah Alam was broken into by burglars who escaped with more tha RM10,000 in jewellery and valuables.When contacted, Fauzi, said he had left his house with his wife in the morning to run some errands and visit friends. They returned home at 11pm.

He said the robbers had ransacked his house and taken gold jewellery, branded watches and other items after gaining entry through the ceiling of the upper floor.

Fauzi, who retired as a commissioner last year after handing over his duties to the current CID director Datuk Christopher Wan, is currently an adviser to a corporate company.

The break-in at Fauzi’s comes barely four days after Datuk Albert Mah, 82, a retired Penang CPO cum MP’s bungalow on Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya, was intruded by a gang of five robbers on Friday (Feb 9).

Mah, who put up a fight with the men, died of serious head injuries without regaining conciousness at the intensive care unit of Universiti Malaya Medical Centre yesterday.

Federal CID director Datuk Christopher Wan said a task force comprising Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and federal police has been formed to put an end to the gang’s activities.

Updated: 08:05PM Tue, 13 Feb 2007


From NST 14 Feb 2007:

Home of former CID chief burgled

14 Feb 2007

SHAH ALAM: Burglars broke into the house of former CID director Datuk Fauzi Shaari in Section 7, Shah Alam on Monday night.

They fled with two designer watches and a gold ring worth thousands of ringgit.No one was in the corner-lot house when the burglars struck.

Fauzi and his family were out for dinner and, as he normally does, he sounded his car horn when driving into the porch.

“That is a force of habit and it probably scared the burglars away,” Fauzi said.

When he entered his house and switched on the lights, he saw that the drawer in his television cabinet was open.

“I realised then that my house had been burgled. I believe the burglars were ransacking the master bedroom when we returned.”

Fauzi said the burglars had entered the house through the roof. They used a ladder which Fauzi had left at the side of the house after doing some painting.

No arrests were made.

This is the second burglary incident involving a retired senior police officer in the past five days.

On Friday, armed robbers broke into the home of former Penang police chief Datuk Albert Mah in Lorong Tanjung, Petaling Jaya.

Mah, 82, suffered head injuries when he tried to take on the armed intruders armed only with a walking stick.

He died on Monday morning.

The robbers fled with RM30,000 in jewellery, three mobile phones, two laptops, five watches and RM1,500 cash.

In Petaling Jaya, police believe the robbers in both cases did not plan their heists.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Mazlan Mansor said the robbers saw an opportunity and took it.

He said this after a dialogue on ways to combat crime with the Petaling Jaya Residents Association and Rukun Tetangga at Bangunan Persekutuan in Petaling Jaya last night.

In Kuala Lumpur, the pro-tem chairman of the foundation which will be set up in honour of Mah said the 32,000 residents of Section 5, Petaling Jaya, where the former Penang police chief had stayed, “felt threatened”.

“They are frustrated that one of their illustrious members was attacked and murdered in his home. They feel it is time to take a more pro-active step to curb crime in their neighbourhood,” said Edward Lee at the wake for Mah at Nirvana Memorial Park in Sungai Besi last night.

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