Gun Toting Traffic Police Chase Down Robbers

I often complain about the police force’s slow reaction time, inability to catch criminals and ineffectiveness in preventing crime. And I also gripe that there are too many traffic cops when regular beat cops are lacking.

So I must say, good job Johor traffic police!


From NST 28 Feb 2007 (NST removes its links after about a week):

2 held after dramatic road chase

28 Feb 2007
Jassmine Shadiqe 

JOHOR BARU: Two of four suspected robbers were arrested in Tampoi yesterday following a 6km chase which saw several shots fired by traffic policemen.

Three of the shots were fired at the windscreen of the suspects’ vehicle while another two were fired in the air after the suspects abandoned their car to flee.

In the incident at noon, two traffic policemen on their motorcycles were stopped by the owner of a scrap-metal dealership and told that his premises had just been robbed by four armed men.

They rushed to the scrapyard nearby and saw three men in a Datsun 120Y car and another outside, holding a black bag.

Seeing the policemen, the driver of the vehicle sped off, leaving his accomplice to flee on foot.

The traffic policemen left the fleeing suspect and chased the suspects’ car.

After several kilometres, the driver of the Datsun tried to ram his car into the chasing police motorcycles and knocked one of the policemen off his machine.

The policeman fired three shots at the car’s windscreen before climbing back on his motorcycle and continuing the chase.

At Kampung Semangat in Skudai, the suspects came to a dead end and fled on foot.

The policemen fired two warning shots in the air and arrested two of the suspects, aged 30 and 47, while the third escaped.

Johor Baru South police chief ACP Shafie Ismail said the two arrested men had records for robbery and drug-related offences.

“The robbers, who were armed with parang and iron rods, had stolen four mobile phones and RM17,000 from the scrapyard.

“From the suspects’ vehicle, we recovered RM10,000 and the scrapyard owner’s identity card. We also seized several knives and daggers,” he said.

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