Luffy vs Usopp: The Spirit of the Clashing Men

One Piece is something special to me not just for the action, or the humour, or the deep and intricate plot. It’s special because of the drama, the emotions, the human aspect.

Luffy vs Usopp is, without a doubt, my favourite moment in the entire series. The argument, the fight and the break-up between Luffy and Usopp makes my heart quiver. I can feel the roiling emotions: Anger, pride, nostalgia, pain, sadness… Regret. I present to you, IMHO, the defining moment of One Piece.

I’ve cut short some of the fight and the brief moments of humour, to focus on the touching drama of this episode. I hope you can appreciate this turning point in the lives of the Straw Hat Pirates.


INTRODUCTION: The episode opens in the midst of a heated argument between Luffy (the captain and leader, who has great strength and the stretching/recoil powers of rubber) and Usopp (the ordinary-strength crewmember with a slingshot and penchant for unorthodox tactics) over the fate of their ship, the Going Merry.

Usopp wants them to keep on adventuring in the Merry no matter what, as he considers it one of their nakama (a comrade who is even closer than a friend), and is incensed over what he views as Luffy’s callous attitude towards Merry.

Egos and tempers collide, and soon more than just that will clash…



Or click to view each post separately. Click on the links at the top of each individual post page to go continue following the story.

Luffy vs Usopp 1: Argument

Luffy vs Usopp 2: Battle Part 1

Luffy vs Usopp 3: Memories 1

Luffy vs Usopp 4: Battle Part 2

Luffy vs Usopp 5: Battle Part 3

Luffy vs Usopp 6: Finish

Luffy vs Usopp 7: Aftermath

Luffy vs Usopp 8: Memories 2

Luffy vs Usopp 9: Parting


The anime version of the epic clash is One Piece Episode 236.

The manga chapters corresponding to this event are 331, 332 and 333.

3 Responses to “Luffy vs Usopp: The Spirit of the Clashing Men”

  1. madno Says:

    i like it:)

  2. Chrae77 Says:

    I’ve been watching One Piece from the beginning since Dec of ’07. I’ve followed the story and have fallen in love with it! The crew, the ship, thier adventures. They all make up one of the best shows i have ever seen!

    Today I watched the episode you’ve written of, Luffy vs. Usopp, episode 236. I couldn’t agree with you more that this has to be the BEST episode I have seen! I’ve never felt for a character as much as I did for these two in thier duel.

    I feel one thing should be said for Luffy. Although he is very much a simpleton that doesn’t understand much about anything except fighting, nakama, and meat, one thing that he understands better than most characters i have seen, is people in general. He knows how to treat people however they might act. He’s able to truly read thier emotions and respond accordingly. And, as shown in this episode, he respects and loves his nakama no matter what happens.

    I don’t know what happens next. I haven’t seen the following episodes yet. But I refuse to believe this is the end. Out of the whole Strawhat crew, the two people who i feel understood the other the most was Luffy and Usopp. I hope everything gets straightened out. And I can’t wait to see what happens next! ^_^

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    Well, if you want a spoiler… The manga conclusion to the nakama argument crisis is here.

    And see The Katana’s Name is Sogeking! for some fun with Usopp!

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