Stop Focusing on Global Warming, Start Focusing on Humanity

This post is inspired firstly by Michael Crichton, who opened my eyes with quotationed facts in his novel State of Fear; and by Bjørn Lomborg, a controversial scientist (but then, aren’t all who don’t agree with the scientific majority controversial, ala evolution non-supporters?).

In Lomborg’s article Global Warming – are we doing the right thing?, he states plenty of arguments against focusing on global warming as the major threat towards the world and humanity.

Basically he argues: ‘global warming is not anywhere near the most important problem in the world’. But do at least scan through the article via the link.

For the cost of at least 1.5 trillion USD over 100 years, full implementation of the Kyoto Protocol will slow global warming by a measly 6 years!


Wouldn’t this money be better spent on humanitarian projects like providing clean water and sanitation to undeveloped countries, thus saving lives and health right now?

It’s my opinion that the world’s attention is being hijacked by global warming doomsayers. Why they are doing so is beyond me – perhaps they really and truly believe that global warming is more critical and more urgent than any other of the immediate problems such as starvation, disease, lack of education, inadequate healthcare and poverty.

If it turns out in a few years that all this global warming hysteria is unfounded (as the Global cooling scare turned out to be), then I hold global warming noisemakers personally and directly responsible for wasting the world’s time, money, effort and human lives on a meaningless charade while millions die from truly preventable causes.

Global warming by a few degrees in 100 years’ time… While hundreds of thousands of people are dying this very day. Which cause would you choose to support?

PS. Read also my previous posts on this subject: Ann Coulter Junks Global Warming Too and Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming – 5 Reasons Why I’m Not Alarmed

PPS. I first found Lomborg’s article linked to by rizal. Just to give creds.

2 Responses to “Stop Focusing on Global Warming, Start Focusing on Humanity”

  1. tkmaia Says:

    “Why they are doing so is beyond me – perhaps they really and truly believe that global warming is more critical and more urgent than any other of the immediate problems such as starvation, disease, lack of education, inadequate healthcare and poverty.”

    I don’t think people who seriously work on the problem of global warming and who are intelligent enough to understand that the world is complex really believe that global warming is the most critical and urgent problem in the world. Of course there are many other problems in the world that must be addressed, not less or more important. The problem is how to allocate the limitted resources we have to address the multitudes of problems faced by humanity. The idea that we must stop the focus on global warming so that we can start focusing on humanity I think is missing the point. To figure out a solution on how to allocate our limitted resources so that most of the our problems can be addressed in order benefit most of humanity cannot just on the basis on what problem is more urgent the the other, or more important that the other. All these problems maybe urgent and important depending on where you stand and how they affect you. This the challenge of humanity.

    So which cause should I supoort? I say support the finding of some new science needed to deal with the issue of resource management for the better good of all of humanity, don’t belittle problems that may not be your own or you may think ‘unimportant’. I have 3 year old boy and climate changes within 100 years will probably affect him a great deal. So to me, changes that take affect within the next 100 years is urgent since it is within the lifetime of my little boy. So deal with global warming, deal with disease, lack of education, poverty, famine etc. without having to conspire one against the other.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Kyoto Protocols, Al Gore’s film winning best documentary, every weather-related crisis automatically being blamed on ‘global warming’ by the common media and populace… Global warming has grown so large a concept as to have eclipsed people’s vision and thinking.

    Millions, billions and trillions are going to be spent to ‘combat’ global warming, when it isn’t even proven that 1) Global warming will increase temperatures much, 2) That will actually be a BAD thing, 3) We can do anything meaningful about it even after 1.5 trillion US dollars.

    The urgency and importance of a problem can be considered objectively, if looked at from the perspective of the entire human race. Clean water NOW will save millions of lives. However, these are mainly non-Western lives. Temperatures rising 6 years slower MAY have some beneficial effect 100 years in the future. However, this will affect Westerners.

    The point of my above three paragraphs being: Yes we should focus on as many problems as we can handle. But global warming is NOT, in my opinion, one of the priorities. Meanwhile, it is carving large chunks out of the limited pie of resources we have available to deal with all problems.

    My analogy: We’re constructing a new building to solve world’s problems. We have only a limited amount of gas to use for our vehicles. Global warming is a loud, flashy SUV that uses huge amounts of gas but does very little that is practical. Being popular and attention-grabbing, it receives the gas it demands. Meanwhile, the bulldozers and cranes receive less attention and less gas to do a meaningful job.

    Sorry if I sound combative. Just my PoV. Thanks for the well thought-up comments, it gave my mind a workout!

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