Star Opinion: Guard Against Kyoto Protocol Hype

The day immediately after I sent it in to The Star, here it is all published. I’m very proud of my contribution, and may the truth be known!

View below or at this link here.



If you’ll notice, the content of my letter comes almost direct from my previous (blog-only) posts on global warming Stop Focusing on Global Warming, Start Focusing on Humanity and Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming – 5 Reasons Why I’m Not Alarmed.

Though the carbon dioxide relevant bits were edited out, so ’nuff said. And they replaced my ‘USA’ in the second last paragraph with ‘United Stated’, note the typo.



Scientists, governments and the public should consider all aspects of the global warming debate before jumping on any particular media bandwagon.

Temperature records from ground based stations may have been showing an increase in global temperatures. But is that due to overall global warming, or the fact that many of these stations are located near heat-emitting cities that are full of people, vehicles and industries?

If watching Al Gore’s film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ has influenced any readers to global warming alarmism, then I suggest that they read Michael Crichtons’ thriller novel ‘State of Fear’ as a counterbalance, complete with scientific references. An Academy Award does not an expert opinion make. We shouldn’t make arguments from ignorance or contended authority, let alone form policy based on it.

Finally, the role of carbon dioxide as the main greenhouse gas is highly contended. Let me put it this way: Carbon dioxide accounts for only 0.0383% of the atmospheric gases. From 1960, carbon dioxide levels have risen a mere 64 parts per million, or 0.000064.
Water vapour is generally regarded as the main greenhouse gas, not carbon dioxide. Should we then try to reduce evaporation of water from the world’s oceans through international treaties?
Perhaps we should all do our part to slow down climate change and give ourselves more time to prepare for the coming decades. But frankly, the Kyoto Protocol seem to be a big, fat red herring… Nay, a great red whale of an effort! One that costs the world trillions to hunt down with the fervour of Captain Ahab, yet all for naught.
In fact, scrap my pebble comparison… The Kyoto Protocol is a veritable 24-carat diamond being thrown into the sea!

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