Al Gore: Global Warming A Moral Issue

Environmentalism prophet Al Gore says that global warming is a ‘moral issue’, not a political. I’d like to ask: Is it a moral issue in the same way that abortions are? Or same-sex marriages?

Where do you get off slamming Bible-believers (Republican or otherwise) for holding to God’s set of moral standards when suporting certain laws, then go and preach about how global warming is a ‘moral issue’?

If you don’t subscribe to a higher authority (i.e. a Creator), then how can you even say whether something is moral or immoral? It becomes my pregorative, it becomes everyone’s pregorative to decide what is or is not moral for themselves. If I say polluting the environment and turning the world into a giant oven is moral, then by Darwin’s beard, it is moral!

But you know what is really immoral? Leading the entire world on a wild goose chase that costs trillions, with no assured benefit, while people who could really use those funds are dying by the millions.

Gore also said: “The planet has a fever. If your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor. If the doctor says you need to intervene here, you don’t say, ‘Well, I read a science fiction novel that told me it’s not a problem.’ If the crib’s on fire, you don’t speculate that the baby is flame retardant. You take action.”

I would respond that if the baby is perfectly healthy, don’t stick him in a germ-free bubble and pump drugs into him for no good reason! Neither should you panic and cut off his food supply, just because the baby seems to be getting bigger – it’s perfectly normal to grow up!

From CNN 21 Mac 2007. I cannot repost the entire article here, but here are the…

Story Highlights:

• Gore calls global warming a moral not political issue
• Rep. Joe Barton: “You’re not just off a little, you’re totally wrong”
• Gore: Get China, India on board by demonstrating “real leadership”
• Barton: Cutting carbon dioxide provides “little benefit at a huge cost”

A snippet: 

Republican Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, who has labeled global warming a hoax, complained that the Democratic leadership gave Gore extra time and advantages not afforded typical witnesses.

Inhofe then grilled Gore about his personal energy use at his Tennessee mansion and showed the final frame of Gore’s film that read, “Are you ready to change the way you live?” (Read more about Gore’s Oscar-night speech)

2 Responses to “Al Gore: Global Warming A Moral Issue”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Al Gore is smart. He trumpets atmosphere friendliness and buys the rights emit CO2 from his own company. As the rest of the corporate world starts jumping onto the global warming and enviro-friendly bandwagon, enviro-friendly companies’ stock prices shoot up. Which means the more he campaigns for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the more value his company gains.

    He’s a ebil genius!

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    How true… The ones most loudly claiming that they are the most selfless, in reality are often the ones with the biggest personal agenda hidden away.

    Note too that every time a ‘save the environment’ celebrity flies off in his/her PRIVATE JET to attend an anti-global warming function, they emit more CO2 than most of us can emit in our entire lives. And how many, many times they fly around the world!

    Not to mention their resource-and-energy guzzling luxury cars, luxury mega-mansions, luxury goods flown in from halfway across the world, luxury holidays jet-hopping around Europe…

    Jesus would have called them “HYPOCRITES!” and told them to first remove the coal-fired power plant from their own eye, so that they can see clearly to remove the speck of pencil lead in their brother’s eye.

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