Iraqi Insurgents Used Kids As Cover Then Killed Them

Those ‘resistance fighters’ struggling to free Iraq from the ‘evil American occupiers’ are willing to make any sacrifice for the sake of justice and their country… As long as it involves other people’s sacrifice.

Two Iraqis drove a car with two children seated in the back seats. The children lowered the suspicion factor, allowing the car to get past a checkpoint.

The adults then jumped out of the car, leaving the children inside as it exploded and killed them and three bystanders.

Seriously, how does blowing up Iraqi kids help to promote the Iraqi cause? Let it be said that using children as shields and decoys is nothing new in Middle East conflicts.

From CNN 21 Mac 2007 and International Herald Tribune 21 Mac 2001.

Story Highlights:

• Insurgents blew up car with kids inside, general said
• Six civilians, one police officer killed in attacks across Iraq
• Two journalists killed in Baghdad recently, group reports
• Car bomb kills five people outside police station in Baghdad
• Driver gained permission to park in a busy shopping area after he pointed out that he was leaving his children in the back seat.

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