TalkingCock: Southeast Asian Cow-pitalism

Hey, I got a contribution published on, the infamously politically-incorrect Singapore humour site! It’s direct from my post on that topic.


Proud I am! I got 28 hits from TalkingCock since my article was posted on 29 March. Not stellar, but it’s a start.

View my article here:

Cowpitalism1   Cowpitalism2   Cowpitalism3

3 Responses to “TalkingCock: Southeast Asian Cow-pitalism”

  1. hsudarren Says:

    Scott, I congratulate you on this post. It is so funny yet so logical. My blog is all for giving no special feeds to our cows, no matter whether the cows is of local breed or imported generations ago yet classified as imported breed. By giving same type of feeds to all cows,we are providing a fair and equitable environment in the farms.

    Special feeds should only be given to cows that are really handicapped, eg three-legged cows, blind cows and other socially disabled cows.

  2. NathanC Says:


    Gotta love msn, very fine stuff. Thank you….

  3. simon thong Says:

    It’s the kind of wry humour and satire you’re renowned for. Keep it up!

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