Global Warming Editorial Cartoons Pt 2

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Part 3 here

See this link for info on the UN climate change report.

See The Sun: An Inconvenient Cold.

See Bali 2007 U.N. Climate Change Conference – Roundup of Idiocy for what the UN Conference on Climate Change in Bali is really accomplishing.

The above is an inaccurate portrayal of the true cause for the 2007 California wildfires. However, it is an accurate portrayal of the fallacious picture global warming fearmongering propagandists are trying to paint.

California’s wildfires are blamed by some on global warming. Yes, the ‘official’ increase of barely 0.6 degrees is blamed for starting massive fires (actual increase in recorded temperature 0.1 degrees, added-on politicized science amount of 0.5 degrees; see The Sun: Fuzzy Facts on the Climate for more).

Meanwhile, slightly higher temperatures actually increases humidity and rainfall as proven by historic observation, exactly opposite of what the blame-everything-on-global-warming crowd of scarifiers claim.

As for the real causes of the wildfires… Don’t let global warming maniacs distract you from yet another real-root-of-a-problem with their hijacking of every issue!

Fanatical and short-sighted enviromentalism! See Michelle Malkin: Wildfires and environmental obstructionism and Michelle Malkin: LA Times: Forest thinning spared homes. Countermoonbattery Saves Lives and Property from California Wildfires has the above too.

As I rant in John Travolta on Beating the Global Heat, Ann Coulter Junks Global Warming Too and Al Gore: High Priest of Global Warming Hypocrisy, the rich actors who are most outspoken and visible about stopping global warming are also among the biggest consumers and pollutors of all.

Politicians and celebrities fly around in private jets and huge limos, burning more fuel than all my readers combined can in one lifetime… All the while flaunting how they are they the ‘champions’ of combating human caused climate change.

Including the above 2008 US presidential candidate, who like other hypocritical politicians and celebrities, put the blame squarely on the shoulders of ordinary citizens – never themselves.


By the way, Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary on global warming that got many people to believe in catastrophic climate change, An Inconvenient Truth? It’s been found guilty of 11 major inaccuracies by a British government court!!!!


Visit this link to see a cartoon animation detailing Al Gore’s greenhouse gas hypocrisy, pictured below.


Al Gore burns HUGE amounts of resources… His home uses 20 times the electricity as an average home, he uses $1080 of natural gas a month, he flies everywhere in jet planes. And then tells us ways not to destroy the Earth with our pollution, such as by using energy-saving fluorescent lights.

See NST Letters: Al Gore Lied About Drowning Polar Bears.

As I said in the newspapers at The Star Opinion: Give Us Solid Facts on Global Warming and in my post dedicated to Gore, Al Gore: High Priest of Global Warming Hypocrisy.

Above is another luxury that many global-warming tearjerking rich-kids will never give up! See Schism in Moonbattery’s Unholy Church for more on how PETA’s goals actually gel with global warming hysteria’s, but are virtually ignored.

Did you know that environmentalists have repeatedly and outspokenly stated their hope that human beings die for the sake of the planet? My response to such genocidal nonsense at Mother Gaia WANTS The Human Disease to Stick Around.

Plenty more where that came from at this post.


Al Gore is soooooo sure of his correctness, that he refuses all requests for a mature and fair debate about global warming… Probably because he is so ingeniously correct and any attempt to have a face-to-face discussion with him will result in the low-IQ brains of the scientsts imploding. Hah.

This can refer to the fact that Al Gore and similarly minded individuals blame global warming for everything (see the next cartoon).

Or perhaps it refers to the argument by anthopogenic global warming skeptics that CO2 and other greenhouse gases are not the main cause of global warming. Rather, it is due to solar fluctuations. But of course, that would remove the basis for rallying behind Gore.

As I said, the global warming alarmists seem to blame everything on global warming! This cartoon just pokes fun at that with something completely unrelated. See the snow cartoons below for more on that.

And I mean literally EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE. Including this:

More lols at

On how likely it is that carbon dioxide – which comprises a mini-miniscule fraction of the atmosphere (just 0.0383%!) – is the real culprit behind global warming, read my post Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming – 5 Reasons Why I’m Not Alarmed.

Read about Don Imus, or this informative article. (For a quick editorial cartoon run-thru of what some people think of the Don Imus controversy, see the following: cartoon 1, cartoon 2 and IBD editorials April 18 and April 11).


Above three found at Jonjayray’s Photobucket.


See several other of these at The People’s Cube – Global Warming Satire.

And learn how mankind is definitely causing catastrophic continental drift that will surely doom all civilization!



If the masses aren’t convinced enough of the doomsday threat of global warming, then convince them with the heart-wrenching pathos of Flat Fatima, spokeswoman for the liberal media supreme!

And if that old Beirut lady isn’t enough to convince you of the evil that is global warming, celebrity terrorist Osama bin Laden wages jihad against global warming too!!!! (True real life fact! Page 5 of this transcript!)


“Your denial of global warming and the Kyoto accord are evidence of your crimes.” – Osama bin Laden, in a video released September 2007

Haha! If you’ll remember, back in the 2000 US Presidential Election, Gore lost the presidency to Bush by a narrow margin. To make up for it, these days Gore is rallying the gullible suckers of the wor… I mean, the concerned citizens of the world behind him as the champion of stopping global warming.

It’s his big comeback, as the cartoons in Part 3 portray… Perhaps in preparation for a future bid for the Presidency.

Part 1 here

Part 3 here

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  1. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Al Gore needs a swift kick in his pants

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