Global Warming Editorial Cartoons Pt 3

Part 1 here

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intentionally showing only the bad and dangerous things in a situation, and so worrying people:
Global warming fearmongers somehow cannot see how their claims that the 0.0383% carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will cause the Earth to heat up by 2.1 degrees in 100 years and DEFINITELY kill us all could possibly be considered alarmist.


This next one is from The New York Times of all places.


The Goracle from Moonbattery:


Complete with Prayer of Gore from

Prayer of Gore

Al is my Shepherd

He is only aware of what he wants
He makes me lie down on park benches outside his mansion

He leads me beside the polluted water of his strip mine
He restores my doubt in brain dead liberals

He leads me in the path of Kyoto for his legacy sake
His lies give children sleepless nights

Though i walk dark in my house
his 4 are lit like Vegas

Surely his lust for power will follow me all the days of my life
And I will see votes held to the light on thanksgiving forever

— letzfaceit, YouTube, April 8, 2007

As the cartoons above illustrate and as elaborated in Ann Coulter Junks Global Warming Too, global warming alarmism has all the vices of totalitarian religious extremism… With Al Gore as its highest messiah, prophet, priest and physical manifestation of deity Mother Gaia… Whom the Green-Nuts would fanatically sacrifice humanity to.


Global warming alarmism scares us all. (For me, its the paranoid alarmism that seeks to drown out any rational decision-making that is scary, not the threat of death by global warming.)

And as the above cartoon shows, it wasn’t Bush who was preying on people’s fears about Iraq. Video evidence here! And now the hypocrite-king Gore is using global warming as his scare-horse. Will he shift to blaming the next Republican President for scaring us about global warming in a decade’s time?


And did I mention the alarmism? ARGH SAVE US, THE SKY IS FALLING!

Oh, it seems I did! The Star Opinion: Give Us Solid Facts on Global Warming and MAYBE Humans Cause Global Warming That COULD Cause Climate Changes That MIGHT Be Bad, PERHAPS.

So here’s the thing… If environmentalists today are so fanatically opposed to anything that produces greenhouse gases, why are they still so opposed to nuclear power – which produces none of their feared, doom-the-world carbon dioxide?

Well, the green-sanity crowd has been campaigning to shut down nuclear power for decades. They fear the non-practical threat of potential radioactive contamination.

But if the end of the world is as nigh as the global warming greennuts claim, then wouldn’t the very low probability of a nuclear accident be outweighed by the ‘dire’, ‘immediate’ threat of global warming devastation?

And with the megatons of CO2 being spewed out by oil and coal burning power plants instead of clean nuclear energy, environmentalists are THEMSELVES the number 1 cause of global warming!

In Ann Coulter’s words, this two-faced steal our cake and eat it too attitude proves the green movement’s hatred of humanity.


Speaking of alternative energy (which I personally support)… The above cartoon ad features a selfish, self-righteous, rich wind-blower ironically opposing the installation of clean, green, no-greenhouse-gases wind turbines… BECAUSE IT DOESN’T LOOK NICE FROM HIS MANSION. Go to Classical Values to view the embedded animation.

The rich-club enviro-hypocrites really show their true colours in this case – they support any cause only when it is comfortable for them. More info on Ted Kennedy and taking the wind out of Cape Wind’s sails at John Stossel on the Global Warming Myth, links at bottom.


Unfortunately, just as with anything else, human greed and bureucratic corruption/ineptness will spoil every good intention.

It was Gore who likened global warming to a fever, quoted in Al Gore: Global Warming A Moral Issue. Plus, global warming frighteners tend to drastically over-react to at the slightest hint of climate change.

But wait a minute… Who stands to earn a huge amount through his carbon caps trading company if the entire world were forced to adhere to carbon emissions restrictions? Make a wild, cynical guess.


Most of the measures the global warming fearmongers propose to reduce CO2 emissions, and are akin to economic decapitation – such as the Kyoto Bankrupt-us-All, which will achieve amazingly little results for amazingly much money.

Ref: Germany energy costs higher by USD 9.2 billion, Kyoto to cost hundreds of billions of Euros, Italy, Japan and Spain face USD 33 billion in Kyoto fines, USD 150 billion a year worldwide for 0.001 degree temperature reduction.

Read all about the fallacy of Kyoto in Star Opinion: Guard Against Kyoto Protocol Hype, Stop Focusing on Global Warming, Start Focusing on Humanity and Ann Coulter Junks Global Warming Too.

Immediate next from Red Planet Cartoons:


Immediately following from The Ryskin Sketchbook:




And meanwhile, the mypoic and fanatical focus on fossil fuel use and CO2 emission levels has led to the rising popularity of biofuels as an alternative, ‘renewable’ energy source. Problem is, biofuel actually has negative energy production and uses even MORE fossil fuel to produce, and takes away food resources leading to leading to starvation and higher food prices!

And Al Gore is to blame for it!

Green-nuts are literally burning the world’s food in their cars. But of course, anything that is against global warming is considered beyond reproach by enviro-weenies.

See here for one way we can combat global warming!

Even Dilbert has strips mocking the hypocrisy and champions-of-the-environment-will-go-ecofriendly-last mentality that Al Gore exemplifies. See my post for more Dilbert global warming satire.

Seemingly contrary to predictions that global warming will be bringing the hottest temperatures ever, there seem to be spates of really cold weather!

See The Sun: An Inconvenient Cold for news on that.

See this news report for one such event in April 2007, or this July 2007 one. Read here for how global warming protestors can chant “It’s hot in here! There’s too much carbon in the atmosphere!” while being buried in snow… Because according to them, “Global warming can mean colder, it can mean drier, it can mean wetter, that’s what we’re dealing with.” And oh, frostbite is caused by global warming!


Of, wait… I stand corrected! It seems that the vastly effective efforts to combat global warming have solved the problem already, resulting in record low temperatures that smash citrus crops! Hurray! But seriously, almost all global warming ‘solutions’ will cause much more economic damage than this.

What was that I mentioned about the win-win-win-win definitions of the alarmists?

Given, human caused climate change (including global warming) can cause fluctuations in local weather, bringing about catastrophic temperature extremes. But it just seems so contrary to global warming. Maybe instead, it is this:

If you didn’t know, back in the 1970s the environmental and climate scientists were getting everyone all worked up about the impending doom of global cooling. Newsweek even published a (now infamous) article about the coming frosty end of the world! (NOTE: More media-propogated than science-supported, see for details, kudos to ‘Tom Dubya’.)

Learn more at Global Cooling: The Impending Catastrophe of Our Times and a short reference in The Star Opinion: Give Us Solid Facts on Global Warming.

Just a bit of nonsense from HALOLZ lol!

And oh, wait… It seems that maybe the whole planet ISN’T WARMING UP AFTER ALL! See Hot news: NASA quietly fixes flawed temperature data; 1998 was NOT the warmest year in the millenium, UN Climate Panel Accused of Possible Research Fraud and dual letters The Sun: Fuzzy Facts on the Climate and NST: GLOBAL WARMING? The ‘science’ of a warming world which have links to faulty temperature measurements.

One complaint made by skeptics is that the global warming believers are always smearing the skeptics as having a hidden agenda, i.e. sponsored by oil companies to produce fraudulent research.

The skeptics counter-charge that the global warming believers receive magnitudes more funding and paycheques on the order of hundreds of millions of dollars from governments in the name of environmentalism. Rock the boat with data that disproves the IPCC’s dogma, and you’re out of a profitable job that requires nothing except your cooperation in imagining up new ‘proof’ of global warming.

Another complaint often raised by global warming skeptics is that the majority (who believe in the theory of anthropogenic global warming) immediately denounce the minority (who do not believe it) as ‘liars’, ‘sponsored by oil companies’ and ‘unscientific’. See this news report and this critique of a Newsweek article lambasting GW skeptics for actual cases of name-calling threats.

Btw, related to the above use of the term ‘global warming denier’ is an intentional ploy by the fearmongers to liken skeptics to Holocaust deniers.

With global warming mindless zombiesheepology, science is ended before it even begins due to pre-formed conclusions and religio-dogmatic green-sanity environmentalism.

See Iran Prez Ahmadinejad Sez: “There Are No Homosexuals in Iran” (And Why There Ain’t Any) for Ahmadinejad’s visit to Columbia University and denial of both the Holoaust and the existence of homosexuals in Iran. No global warming denial though, that would get him kicked out of Liberal-Land.

Worse, skeptics are labeled as evil, denying Nazis whose disbelief will kill everyone in the world. Just see this news report. If that is the case, then similar trials should be held for the global warming hysterians if it is proven that their warnings were unfounded, and cost us trillions is losses for nothing.

Ah, but are the fearmongers correct is assuming that ALL RESPECTABLE SCIENTISTS BELIEVE IN GLOBAL WARMING? See Many Peer Reviewed Scientific Studies Defy Global Warming ‘Consensus’ to help you decide if there are no reputable researchers questioning global warming’s hysterical claims.

Insulting the credentials, character and ethics of the opposition… A clear Ad hominem attack, yet one that is effective in swaying the undecided public to disregard all evidence contrary to global warming as ‘fake’ or ‘biased’.

Read more in my posts Why I Feel About Global Warming The Same Way I Feel About Evolution and Ann Coulter Junks Al Gore Too.

One could argue that I’m doing the same by making fun of Gore’s consumption habits like I do above… But I contend that whether or not I’m trying to undermine his facade of integrity, he is guzzling huge amounts of energy and spewing huge amounts of CO2 every day.

So does he really believe that global warming is a threat to humanity that can be averted? I point out that his actions seem to show a distinct lack of convincedness of his own warnings to the public.

As you can see, not even the children are spared the guilt-piling, enviro-religion brainwashing and political indoctrination that starts as early as elementary school. Of course, if they learn from the examples of the adults, the children will grow up to just as wasteful anyway.

(Especially if the adults in question are massive enviro-hypocrites like Al Gore, who early on said global warming is a ‘moral’ issue’ and now refuses to take an a personal energy ethics pledge – which was exactly what he had been preaching so holier-than-thouly about! What a great example to follow!

See 400,000 Years of Climate Change Was Caused By….

Speaking of global warming believers, how certain is their climate science, really? (See this Wikipedia article for more on the Viking colonization of very-icy-today Greenland, which actually DID use to be covered in green during higher global temperatures in the past!)

As I say in my letter The Star Opinion: Give Us Solid Facts on Global Warming, the climate scientists mostly rely on computer simulation programmes to predict the rise in global temperatures for the next 100 years.

And how accurate are these predictions? Well, we won’t know for sure until the year 2100, but for now they can’t even forecast next week’s weather!

Do recall how in Johor, people went back to their homes because the ‘predictions’ were certain that the heavy rains had stopped. And did they really stop that soon? Well if you still remember…


Add this to the fact that global temperatures and climate have been changing since the Earth began, regardless of whether humans were around to spew CO2 or not.

And speaking of spew, I saved the best for last. Take a look at it, enlarge it by clicking on it. Study it for a while, and see if you get it before reading my explanation.

Get it?

Still don’t get it?

REALLY can’t get it?

Well here you go then…

Those things which look like fans are wind turbines. They a ‘green’ source of renewable energy, they generate ‘clean electricity’ which does not release carbon dioxide emissions. Thus are a favoured pet of Gore’s.


Thank you and good night, folks!


Part 1 here

Part 2 here

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  1. Pesto the psycpathic pigeon Says:

    Despite all the cold and still the liberal left-wing news media is lying about this GLOBAL WARMING stuff all this bunk about the arctic ice caps getting thinner more rotten lies from a bunch of dirty lying liberal left-wing journalists scumballs

  2. Heftotomnenny Says:

    Engaging internet site,, hope to definitely visit again,,

  3. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Some of these eco-wackos are completly out of their minds they think that GAIA poppycock they think every storm,ever drougth every earthquake is GAIA sending a message to them Becuase their steady diets of wackoism has reduced their minds to the consistency of melted ice cream

  4. Mad Bluebird Says:

    When it comes to HOT AIR AL GORE and the green weenies from GREENPEACE are #1

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