28 Days and Months Later and Zombies

The PKA guys (Me, Joshua Hooi, Dan, Sadat, Jon Chen, Tien Ern, Alex D, Kevin Ho, Justin Saw, Peter Salang and some juniors if I remember) had a guy’s BBQ steamboat eat-too-much-meat gathering a whiles back in 2005. See my old Multiply for pix.

Then we watched 28 Days Later in Desa U, Jon’s place. Freaky horror show! Woo!


There is NO WAY you can prove that the DVDs in the above picture are NOT originals with intact copyright, so there.

Can’t wait to see 28 Weeks Later after just seeing the trailer. Bloodlusted Rage-Infected psychos are much faster and scarier than slow-moving, rotting zombies!

Except Marvel Zombies. I mean, seriously… Nigh un-deadable zombies with superpowers is total overkill.


But even considering the above, still…



(Read from right to left)

3 Responses to “28 Days and Months Later and Zombies”

  1. Justin Says:

    wat?? that spastic show we watched that night was called 28 days as well?? gosh….

  2. Brynn Says:

    I don’t understand why people think 28 days later is scary. They show like twenty infected people throughout the whole movie. The cussing also kinda takes away from it. It is an incredible movie, but it is just not scary. You can rate it in other categories though.

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    It was scarier than the usual zombie flicks because

    1) The Infected run after you at an insane speed, instead of shambling along like normal half-rotted zombies,
    2) There are no American-style automatic weapons to blast them with,
    3) There is no superhuman, PKE-blasting, ultra-strong Mila Jovovich to bash zombies with her lipstick and save the day.

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