Jasin MP: Sexism, Lies and YouTube

Well, it looks like the Jasin MP Datuk Mohd Said Yusof denies that he ever made the ‘bocor’ remark. See this post for what had transpired if you just tuned in.

Flashbacks to Bill Clinton on Lewinsky, anyone? You can just imagine the courtroom hearing:

Said Yusof: “I did not make sexual remarks against that woman.”

A belated, futile and foolish effort at saving his oh-so-important face, since he previously did not deny making such a remark, but rather refused to apologize for his comment. He instead attempted to clarify what he meant… And amazingly, managed to make more crass comments involving the term ‘bocor’!

And it’s also a totally failed effort, seeing as how video evidence of the indiscretion of Said Yusof and Kinabatangan MP Bung Mokhtar has already been posted on YouTube.


Click the above image to view the 5 minutes 53 seconds file. The overnight-infamous offending remark itself is heard just after 3 minutes and 56 seconds. Or click on this link if that link fails.

Note the mirthful laughter that accompanies said remark. Yes, sirs, you are VERY clever, in ways that even Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider at their most juvenile would cringe to be associated with. 

From my memory of the high school Rotary Club debates, one all-boys team lost resoundingly in part due to a comment by one of their speakers… That their all-girls opponents could now just go home and cry. Boooooo! Sexist remark, minus points!

(Seriously though, the debate finals were far more civil and orderly than all of what I just viewed of the Parliament session.)

And forces are being rallied to demand an apology and suspension and make sexist remarks unlawful, perhaps the way religious and racial discrimination are already punishable by ISA detention. After all, Said Yusof is riling up the emotions of at least 50% of the entire country!

Political afilliation and intelligence are still fair game, however! It’s always open (sewer) season over in the Malaysian Parliament! And these are our leaders???

UPDATE 17 MAY 2007: Apologies are being undertaken.

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