Malaysia Travel Guide on Preventing Street Crime (Plus, Various Horrible Crimes)

If you regularly follow my blog, you’ll know that I post about the scary crimes that happen in Johor whenever I read about them in the news, or hear about them from acquaintances. I also post about the more shocking crimes from the rest of Malaysia that catch my attention.

Malaysia Travel Guide is a blog-ish site geared towards providing useful and unbiased information about Malaysia, particularly for travellers from overseas unfamiliar with our unique country.

Recently, it posted some safety tips for those out and about on the streets. They complement my old post Common Sense Personal Safety.

With a sigh, I must say that it’s just plain LESS SAFE in Johor than elswhere in Malaysia. Or at least, from where we’re standing (occassionally cowering in abject terror), it seems to be so.

I’ve heard it said that the media is lopsided in publicizing Johor crimes, in order to divert attention from and downplay the crime rate in Kuala Lumpur.

Yet I’ve never before read about such almost-implausible things as a burglar cutting through the roof to rob and kill the house occupant or murdering a defenceless retiree in the open street.

And in all my years in Ipoh and Penang, and with all my friends living in Klang and KL, I have yet to hear so many personal accounts of brazen, daring and impunity-filled criminal attacks often accompanied by violence as I have heard in just 1+ years in Johor… Such as the robber knifing first even before snatching, or ignoring the alarm and busting open the steel grille to rob me.

Crime happens everywhere, true. Even small, quiet little Ipoh town has murders and motorcyle-gang robberies. But Johor Bahru is just something else entirely. 

So nowhere in Malaysia do I worry as much about everyone after (and even before) dark, as in Johor Bahru: The Capital City of Criminals.

But! At least most of the horrible, bloody and downright mercilessly evil crimes are not committed with guns! Malaysia still manages to keep a tight rein on firearms, even illegally-owned ones. And thank God for that.

And just now, I read on Carnal Reason’s blog about a utterly horrific crime in the USA that would send even our Malaysian police and politicians into a zealous frenzy.

We may lag behind the First World in skills, mentality, infrastructure, technology and economy. But we also thankfully lag behind them in matters such as brutal criminal violence.


From the Malaysia Travel Guide article:

How to prevent street crime

Although Malaysia is admirably safe in most regards, street crime is a major concern these days with figures of street crime rising steadily in recent years, especially in major cities Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.

Street crime in large cities used to be mostly those of stealth methods: pocket picking, bag slashing, and bag snatching are the most common. But recently there have been more reports of violent robberies and muggings.

However, by being aware of personal safety and the practice of good urban safety precautions, you can avoid putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation that may lead to these incidents. It is all about being aware of a potential problem before it happens and that is where my tips on how to prevent street crime from happening come in.

In every street crime incident there are always three aspects – a victim, an offender and an opportunity for a criminal. The criminal is always on a look out for easy target, if you are showing precaution to put off his intentions, he will move on to someone else.Thus best way of breaking the “triangle of street crime” is to remove the opportunity and this can be done in a number of ways.

[Continues with the tips in the original post]

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