Hi Kids! Let’s Learn Holy War With Farfur the Mouse!


Kids of the Gaza strip and the world, meet Farfur (also spelled Farfour), your friendly Middle Eastern anthromorphic mouse!

Now, he may look like just another cheap and blatant third-world rip-off of a well-known American icon. But wait, don’t dismiss him just yet! Because he has lots of important lessons to teach the lil’ kiddies, such as:

“I’m calling on all children to read more and more to prepare for exams because the Jews don’t want us to learn.”

“You and I are laying the foundation for a world led by Islamists.”

“Yes, we, tomorrow’s pioneers, will restore to this nation its glory, and we will liberate Al-Aqsa, with Allah’s will, and we will liberate Iraq, with Allah’s will, and we will liberate the Muslim countries, invaded by murderers.”

We will win, Bush! We will win, Condoleezza! We will win, Sharon!… Ah, Sharon is dead.”

Yessir, it’s all original material here on Hamas’ Tomorrow’s Pioneers children’s show! You can view several videos through links listed at that Wikipedia article, or find examples here: YouTube search, or CNN article.

Young Palestinian children are educated in that most important of basic living skills. No, it’s not reading, writing and arithmetic – it’s hating the Jews, the Americans and everyone else who doesn’t bow before militant Islam!

So don’t worry, young ones… Here’s Farfur to teach toddlers like you how to properly hold your AK-47 and detonate your nail-bomb suicide vest!


Now let’s all sing along together (yes, even you, infidel slave Barney): I bomb you, you submit to me, then you’ll live as a dhimmi

The rest of the cast also pull their weight in pulling in the ratings points for this delightful family entertainment show.

A little girl, Harwa sings: “We liberated Gaza by force, from your death… The people firmly stand, in their fire is a flame. Rafah sings “oh, oh”, its answer is an AK-47. We who do not know fear, we are the predators of the forest.”

Precocious young boy, Muhammad serenades: “Oh Jerusalem, we are coming… Oh Jerusalem, we will never surrender to the enemy, we will never be humiliated. It is beloved Palestine that taught us what to be, and taught us to be the soldiers of the Lord of the Worlds. We will destroy the chair of the despots, so they will taste the flame of death. We will lead a war.”

Adult actor on the show Hazim joins in as well, saying things such as: “Every day do you remember Andalus (Spain)? This dear Andalus will return one day.” (Recalling the Umayyad conquest of Hispania, which was reclaimed by the Christians in the Reconquista. So remember kids, the Crusades were evil imperialist invasions, but the enslavement of Spain was a glorious time of righteous rulership by the ummah over the unbelievers!)

Disney CEO Robert Iger says about the show and its jihadist mascot: “I think it should have been obvious how the company felt about the subject.”

Which can only mean that Disney loves and approves of the virtuous rhetoric Farfur extols! Thank you Disney, even though you are all decadent kafir intimate-lovers of swine, we want you to know that we appreciate your support.

And let us end this week’s episode with the Hamas call to prayer:


UPDATE on Farfur’s successor here: Nahoul the Bee

ADD-ON: The following cartoon from http://www.coxandforkum.com pretty much sums it up!


13 Responses to “Hi Kids! Let’s Learn Holy War With Farfur the Mouse!”

  1. sadat Says:

    oh man, i saw this on the news today too. crazy!!! hilarious post tho

  2. Muhammad Ha-Redeye Says:

    yo dawg this is hilarious!

  3. Shlomo Mizrahi Says:

    This site is filled with xenophobic hatred. I’m not sure if I can take anything I see here seriously.

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    I agree completely. Just look at how much the terror-indoctrinating Hamas hates Jews, Israelis, Americans and non-Muslims in general… Not to mention how they hate Fatah!

    And see how hateful these people act towards Christians:

    Yes, my blog documents much xenophobic hatred. Unfortunately, it is all very, very serious.

  5. Shlomo Mizrahi Says:

    Point proven. You come across as a hate-filled ranting lunatic.

    You hardly present a balanced perspective, and as a Jewish person I find it troubling because I know what this type of hate speech leads to.

    The Torah teaches us, “You should love the stranger, for you were strangers in the Land of Egypt.” When I say never again, I’m insistent on it never happening again to any people, not just Jews.

    This type of thinking will only lead to attrocities far worse than any of the groups you cite here; in fact, I think it’s this type of hatred that causes and fuels their causes to begin with. I’m sure they read your site too and think that people like you are out to destroy them.

  6. James Forsyth Jr. Says:

    I agree with the above post.

    I don’t see how nationalistic childhood programming here is any different than what I grew up watching, i.e. GI Joe, the Real American Hero. I’ve seen similar shows in nearly every country I’ve visited, including the former Soviety Union and many Latin American countries.

    And the author of this piece obviously has a very slanted view, with narrow perspectives of history. There were marked differences between the Crusades, where every man, women and child (of all faiths) were slaughtered in Jerusalem, and the invasion of Spain.

    North African Berbers had suffered for many years at the hands of Vandal incursions from Iberia, who were largely an irresponsible and tyrannical government even over the Catholics whom they reigned over. The predominantly Berber force (Arabs only came later) that intervened among the disputing Christians in Spain were welcomed as a tolerant and enlightened rule, especially by the Jewish minorities that experienced adversities there. We quickly forget that the expulsion of the last Moorish stronghold in Granada was accompanied by the Spanish Inquisition.

  7. Scott Thong Says:

    Dude, tell me WHEN I have ever said that I hate or even dislike them groups. Or when I advocated killing Palestinians or slaughtering Muslims who refuse to convert to Christianity. Or destroying them utterly, driving them into the sea.

    I do none of these things. You must have me seriously confused with the Hamas mascots I am mocking above. It’s all SATIRE maaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn. How am I being hateful by simply repeating what they say?

    What I really AM out to destroy is their hateful way of violent indoctrination and life-murdering thinking, not their lives and their peace. I do admit to ranting, however. As for a more balanced view, why don’t you help me to be more politically correct by posting some useful and real info or links to disprove my biased nuances?


    As for G.I. Joe, I haven’t seen much ‘hate’ in their nationalism either (those 80’s cartoons never even showed bullets btw, it was always lasers, and nobody ever died – except Optimus Prime and other robots).

    G.I. Joe Nationalism = Support your country and spare the life of the most heinous Cobra terrorists in order to try them in a fair court of law

    Hamas’ Tomorrow’s Pioneers Nationalism = Use force and your Ak-47 to liberate Al-Quds and make our enemies taste the flame of death!

    Yes. Clear moral equivalency, uh-huh. And G.I. Joe was even de-Americanized into ‘Action Force’ for Britain.

    The former Soviet Union and Latin American countries, I can’t say… Except that they are atheist communist states, by definition they pretty much put a very low price tag on the life of a human being.



    As for James’ point on the Crusades, here it is put very clearly, logically and succinctly from http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Pages/Games-Muslims-Play.htm#crusades :

    Here are some quick facts…

    The first Crusade began in 1095… 460 years after the first Christian city was overrun by Muslim armies, 457 years after Jerusalem was conquered by Muslim armies, 453 years after Egypt was taken by Muslim armies, 443 after Muslims first plundered Italy, 427 years after Muslim armies first laid siege to the Christian capital of Constantinople, 380 years after Spain was conquered by Muslim armies, 363 years after France was first attacked by Muslim armies, 249 years after Rome itself was sacked by a Muslim army, and only after centuries of church burnings, killings, enslavement and forced conversions of Christians.

    By the time the Crusades finally began, Muslim armies had conquered two-thirds of the Christian world.

    Europe had been harassed by Muslims since the first few years following Muhammad’s death. As early as 652, Muhammad’s followers launched raids on the island of Sicily, waging a full-scale occupation 200 years later that lasted well over two centuries and was punctuated by massacres, such as that at the town of Castrogiovanni, in which 8,000 Christians were put to death. In 1084, ten years before the first crusade, Muslims staged another devastating Sicilian raid, burning churches in Reggio, enslaving monks and raping an abbey of nuns before carrying them into captivity.

    In theory, the Crusades were provoked by the harassment of Christian pilgrims from Europe to the Holy Land, in which many were kidnapped, molested, forcibly converted to Islam or even killed. (Compare this to Islam’s justification for slaughter on the basis of Muslims being denied access to the Meccan pilgrimage in Muhammad’s time).

    The Crusaders only invaded lands that were Christian. They never attacked Saudi Arabia or sacked Mecca as the Muslims had done (and continued doing) to Italy and Constantinople.

    The period of Crusader “occupation” (of its own former land) was stretched over less than two centuries. The Muslim occupation is in its 1,372nd year.

    The period of Crusader “aggression” compresses to about 20 years of actual military campaign, much of which was spent on organization and travel. (They were from 1098-1099, 1146-1148, 1188-1192, 1201-1204, 1218-1221, 1228-1229, and 1248-1250). By comparison, the Muslim Jihad against the island of Sicily alone lasted 75 grinding years.

    Unlike Jihad, the Crusades were never justified on the basis of New Testament teachings. This is why they are an anomaly, the punctuation of fourteen centuries of relentless Jihad that began long before the Crusades and continued well after they were over.

    The greatest crime of the Crusaders was the sacking of Jerusalem, in which 30,000 people were said to have been massacred. This number is dwarfed by the number of Jihad victims, from India to Constantinople and Narbonne, but Muslims have never apologized for their crimes and never will.

    What is called ‘sin and excess’ by other religions, is what Islam refers to as the will of Allah.


    Hundreds of years ago, illiterate Europeans who happened to be Christian obeyed their kings and went off to wage war in the Holy Land, killing people in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to the Sixth Commandment received by Moses and Jesus’ command to ‘Love God and love your fellow man’ (Matthew 22:37-39) and ‘Love your enemy’ (Matthew 5:44).

    A few hundred years ago. Woo. In contradiction of the Biblical commands and Jesus’ example, not because of. Woo.

    While in this very past 100 years, atheistic disregard for the moral worth of a human life led to millions of deaths – 1.2 million in just two years by Stalin alone. But you can’t really blame them, as they don’t subscribe to absolute morality, only relative-to-the-situation morality. So they have no holy commandments to break.


    Meanwhile, EVERY YEAR IN OUR MODERN DAY AND AGE, more than 4000 people are killed SPECIFICALLY in the name of a certain religion. That is more than the number of people executed in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition. And repeated EVERY FREAKIN’ YEAR!!!!


    And it is done IN ACCORDANCE with the religion’s holy commands.



    So go ahead, call me a religionistic bigot, but it isn’t ME that’s supporting cutting your head off for disagreeing with my views about life, afterlife and politics.

    I don’t even have the slightest desire to. So go and busy yourself telling THE OTHER GUYS to stop hating and tyrannizing, whydoncha. The Crusades and Inquisitions already ended last time I heard! Yet they are STILL used as ‘justification’ for command-of-a-certain-religion-based murders and oppression today.

    Moral. Equivalency. Bullsh*t.

    And finally, I agree that we should love the stranger, our ‘enemy’. All I’m trying to do is point out, sarcatically and parodyingly, the fact that while we try and LOVE the stranger, the strangers mentioned in this post LOVE TO KILL US.

    All I ask with my satirical posts is this: STOP KILLING OTHERS, STOP HATING OTHERS, and STOP TEACHING YOUR KIDS FROM PRE-SCHOOL TO HATE AND KILL OTHERS. If they don’t propagate their hate, I won’t have anything to ‘hatefully’ blog about. No?

    So keep telling yourself that I am morally equivalent to, or WORSE than, the people and organizations I am mocking here. I’ll stop spreading my virtual ‘hate’ when they stop acting out on their very real hate.

  8. jessica Says:

    this is still not the right thing for my sister to learn how to hold a CRAZY mouse its a little sister whos tryin to learn

  9. Scott Thong Says:

    Best I can do for your sis:


  10. Mike Camel Says:

    The Moors brought civilisation to Europe. The first university was in Cordoba in Al-Andalus. They also introduced running water, centralised sewage systems, advanced architecture, medicine, science, religious tolerance, not to mention the art of distilling. Almost certainly both you and I, had we been born around 1000, would have felt a hell of a lot more at home in Muslim Andalusia than anywhere else in Europe.

  11. Scott Thong Says:

    Unless, of course, you happened to be one of the 1500 Jews slaughtered by Al-Andalusian religious tolerance.

    And I bet Al-Andalus being the bets place in Europe to be at the time in large had to do with the fact that, being a Muslim dominion, it wasn’t being constantly raped and pillaged by Muslim dominions.

    Hey, here’s a hypothetical question: If it’s okay to be invaded and occupied by a foreign power if they bring running water, centralised sewage systems, advanced architecture, medicine, science, religious tolerance, not to mention the art of distilling

    Then isn’t the US occupation of Iraq also justified?

    (They kicked out Saddam and now have a lower death rate than under his reign.)

  12. hutchrun Says:

    “Heckled by a lawmaker from Israel’s Arab minority, Netanyahu offered a lesson in comparative religion from the lectern. ‘Because you asked: Jerusalem is mentioned 142 times in the New Testament, and none of the 16 various Arabic names for Jerusalem is mentioned in the Koran. But in an expanded interpretation of the Koran from the 12th century, one passage is said to refer to Jerusalem,’ he said.

    Responding to Netanyahu’s citations, Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said: ‘I find it very distasteful, this use of religion to incite hatred and fear. East Jerusalem is an occupied Palestinian town, and East Jerusalem cannot continue to be occupied if there is to be peace.’”

    Really, only Muslims are allowed to assert a religious claim to Jerusalem, you see.

  13. jewish*t Says:


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