Starcraft II


Starcraft 2 has finally been announced! The game that Lee (my Warcraft nut friend and ally from Power Extreme) once said Blizzard would never make a sequel to because the first game was already perfect now has a true sucessor!

And after watching this gameplay preview trailer, hearing the sound effects and all, I realise how much I miss Starcraft.

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StarCraft was one of the first computer games I really got my hands and mind onto. Many a school day was survived on 2 hours of sleep. A bunch of us high-scoring students even went Stracrafting at a cybercafe on one of the SPm nights!

And now and then, even up to today, I will dream I am playing Starcraft on Yet I seldom dream of Warcraft 3 though I mostly play that these days (DotA that is). That’s how dear the original crazy death from everything-needed-for-life deprivation game is to my heart.

I can’t wait for it! But here’s hoping that Blizzard takes their sweet time developing it, so that it’ll be perfect when it is officially released (as is Blizzard’s norm with new games). And also so I can save up for a high-end gaming specs PC with super-fast broadband to play it!

Official website: (I had to toggle Flash off to view the pages)

Wikipedia article:

Game trailers:

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