The Star Opinions: Kyoto will Creep Up on Us

From The Star Opinions 22 May 2007:



Right smack in the middle of my letter’s spread, there was placed a pic of a mountain (not the exact same as the one below that I got off Wikipedia), along with a caption:


Global warming: The mountain Gauri Sankar (front), with an altitude of 7,134 metres, is seen in this aerial view of the Himalayas. Climate experts agreed on a UN report that said fighting global warming is affordable and the technology available to slow the growth in greenhouse gas emissions and stave off climate chaos. – Reuters

So does the inclusion of the Reuters report hurt my letter’s case, or do my observations that Kyoto has cost Europe a bomb and not reduced CO2 emissions hurt the Reuters report’s case? (And what’s with the mountain… Trying to imply that global warming is melting its ice?)


But anyway, yosh! I am always proud when my letters are printed. It perks me up for the day when my dad smses early in the morning that my letter has appeared in the newspapers.

But I’m even more pleased that this letter on the fallacies and dangers of Kyoto Protocol (and its accomplice, global warming unthinking paranoia) got printed. I take it upon myself to offer an alternative voice againt the prevalence of global warming auto-belief attitudes.

But Malaysia seems to be quite unperturbed by global warming. The only time it gets a mention is when it lends itself to take the blame for a local ecological mishap. Am I the only one speaking out disbelief in anthopogenic global warming in the papers? Heck, am I the only one speaking out on global warming at all?

The Star is Malaysia’ leading English daily, and its columnists don’t seem to be much interested in global warming from any angle, except to re-report what overseas reporters have already reported.

Well, there’s one easy way to solve this shortage of global warming awareness and public service announcements… Hire me as a columnist! 🙂

Speaking of re-reporting, kudos to Classical Values whose post on a Canada National Post news article about Kyoto’s ill effects on the European economy inspired me to make some printed noise.

But most thanks to my dearest Anne who was the one who asked me, “Why are you so worked up over global warming? How does it affect us (here in Malaysia, on a practical level)?” all the way back when my letter  got printed in The Star. She got me thinking in order to explain why I felt so strongly about it.

And thus, this is why I am concerned about people believing in human-caused global warming, without stopping to consider the arguments. This, and my quest to find the truth and battle against lies and ignorance.

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  1. M. Simon Says:


    Thank you for all your inputs at Classical Values!

    We are honored by your inputs!


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