More Sexist MPs – Women’s Dressing is to Blame For Rape

Eesh, budoh! More dumb remarks from can’t-control-my-own-lust politicians. The subject matter bears relation to the insulting MPs incident and the women are asking to be raped remarks.


From The Star 23 May 2007:

Two Penang reps make an issue of women’s dressing

PENANG: After the recent “bocor” (leak) controversy in the Dewan Rakyat, one would have thought that backbenchers would know enough to stay clear of sexist remarks. 

Not in the Penang state assembly. 

Permatang Berangan assemblyman Shabudin Yahaya and Sungai Dua assemblyman Datuk Jasmin Mohamed blamed women’s provocative dressing for sexual crimes, raising the hackles of Tan Cheng Liang (BN – Jawi). 

“The women’s dressing menggoda (lures) and mencabar (challenges) men,” said Shabudin, who interjected during Tan’s speech when debating the motion of thanks on the Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abas’s opening address. 

This prompted Tan to tick him off for his narrow thinking. 

“Even women who are covered from the head to the toe and two-year-old children have become rape victims. This shows that it has nothing to do with women’s dressing,” she said. 

Shabudin, who is state Islamic Religious Council president, then asked Tan for her views on a dress code for women and Jasmin rose to support it. 

Tan said she disagreed with a dress code, as women knew what to wear. 

Shabudin then interjected that men were sure to look when sexily attired women pass in front of them. 

“This is because there is a daya tarikan (attraction),” he said. 

Jasmin said that women who dressed provocatively also forgot their family responsibilities. 

Tan said the issue was not about the women’s dressing but the mindset of men. 

In his speech, Mansor Musa (BN – Batu Maung) rapped the two assemblymen for their sexist remarks, saying they were not showing a good example in the House. 

Tan also alleged that a Seberang Prai Municipal Council official had been signing the overtime claims of his workers when they did not do any extra work. 

Phee Boon Poh (DAP – Sungai Puyu) asked Tan to substantiate her allegations.  

However, Speaker Datuk Yahaya Abdul Hami disallowed the question, saying the reply should come from the concerned state executive councillor.  


UPDATE from The Star 24 May 2007: Ng agrees with my observation that men’s corupted hearts/minds are the root of the problem.

Women don’t need a dress code, says Ng

PETALING JAYA: A dress code for women will not help to change the mindset of men with dirty thoughts, Wanita MCA chief Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said. 

“We don’t need a dress code. We have freedom to dress in our multiracial country,” she said, responding to the argument between Jawi assemblywoman Tan Cheng Liang and two fellow members of the Penang state assembly on the issue. 

On Tuesday, assemblymen Shabudin Yahaya (BN – Permatang Berangan) and Datuk Jasmin Mohamed (BN – Sungai Dua) had blamed women’s provocative dressing for sexual crimes. 

Tan had ticked them off for what she called narrow thinking. 

Dr Ng, who is deputy Finance Minister, said Wanita MCA supports Tan’s stand on a dress code. 

She added that even children and women who are “covered from head to toe” had become rape victims. 

“This shows that the cause of crime has nothing to do with women’s dressing,” she said.  

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