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Help Robbers and Get Robbed (and Other JB Crime Cases)

June 1, 07

From The Star 1 June 2007:

Workers who provided men refuge get robbed instead

JOHOR BARU: Hiding several men fleeing from a police raid early yesterday turned out to be a bad move for three Indonesian workers.  

Those men turned out to be robbers. They tied up the workers and ransacked a factory in Jalan Pontian. 

State CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Roslan Ahmad said police, acting on a tip-off, sent a team to the location and caught three suspects. 

“We recovered a lorry loaded with plastic resins and some parang,” he said. 

Police are looking for several others still at large. 

In Ulu Tiram, an alert neighbour who knew that his neighbour was not at home alerted police when he saw two people in the house. 

SAC Roslan said this led to the arrest of two suspects, including one who had a criminal record. 

He said the house owner, a teacher, had gone back to his hometown for the holidays and had informed his neighbours. 

Police also arrested two men believed to be involved in at least five robberies during an early morning operation in Johor Jaya.  

Johor Baru (South) OCPD Asst Comm Shafie Ismail said a knife and two motorcycles were recovered from the suspects. 

He said the suspects targeted people returning home late at night and would strike at the gate by pointing a knife at potential victims and demanding for their cash and valuables. 

Anyone with information on criminal activity can contact the police hotline at 07-221 2999 or the nearest police station.  


From The Star 1 June 2007:

Cops nab four in crime-prevention ops

JOHOR BARU: Police arrested four people with weapons and break-in tools in separate operations in Taman Permas Jaya here. 

Johor Baru (South) OCPD Asst Comm Shafie Ismail said that the arrests were made during a special crime prevention operation in the housing estate that began May 28. 

In the first arrest, he said police picked up two men found to be acting suspiciously on Wednesday. 

“They were riding on a motorcycle and making rounds at 2am so police flagged them down for a check,” he said. 

ACP Shafie said that upon checking, police recovered a parang, a knife, an allen-key and other items from the duo, who were in their 20s and 30s. 

He said that at 10pm the next day, police arrested another two more men attempting to break into a house. 

He said that police also found some tools, which could be used for break-ins, on the suspects, who had three previous records of break-ins. 

“All four suspects are being detained for further investigations,” said ACP Shafie. 


From The Star 1 June 2007:

Stripped clean of all metal

JOHOR BARU: Scrap metal thefts are becoming so rampant at the Taman Permas Jaya 10 commercial centre that some 30% of the shoplots there have been stripped clean of any saleable metal. 

Window frames, glasses, aluminium shutters and even wires have been stolen from the premises. 

Shop owner Michael Tay said he was shocked to find his four-storey shoplot “metal-less”. 

“Only the walls are left intact in my shop,” he said. 

Tay said many business people had called off their plans to invest in Permas Jaya, which is within the Iskandar Development Region (IDR). 

“I brought some investors to the area but they were worried to start any business after seeing the condition of the shoplots.” 

Tay said traders and people living in the area were also worried by the escalating crime rate, adding that many of them had moved out from the once-popular business hub. 

He said with the units vacant, the scrap metal thieves had it easy. 

Permas Jaya has 16 sections with a population of over 100,000 but does not have a single police station. The nearest one is in Plentong, four kilometres away. 

Tay, who is also Bandar Baru Tampoi MCA chairman, said he would write to the state police chief, asking to increase police patrols and step up security measures. 

Low Tian Yew, a 50-year-old owner of an aquarium and pet centre, said he dared not leave his wife or any woman worker in the shop alone. 

“This area sees an average of three robberies a week,” he said.  

Starcraft II Gameplay Screenshots

June 1, 07


These screen captures are from the Starcraft II gameplay video. You can download the avi format video from the official website at It’s 449mb for the high-res one and 268mb for the lower res one. You’ll also need the Divx player to run them which can be downloaded at

As the narrator states, all the game features you see below are at the testing stage, and subject to change for the final release (which, following Blizzard’s usual style, will probably be just in time for your children to enjoy while you work 12-hour days to afford the graphics card and ram to run it).

For a bit more on Starcraft 2, including links to info sites, see my post Starcraft II.

It took a modest amount of determined work to prepare the following screen captures. Captions by me follow each pic. The white words on the screenshots are the narrator’s. Click to enlarge any pic. Enjoy!


Protoss Zealots will automatically Charge the last distance to engage enemy units. You can see one slightly blurred on the left as it Charges.


Protoss Immortals are like souped-up Dragoons. Their strongly damage-resistant special shields only activate against large attacks, like those of these Terran Siege Tanks they are engaging.


Terran Reapers are light infantry with dual pistols that can jump-jet across cliffs, gaps and other terrain of differing height that normal units cannot bypass.


Terran Reapers engaging Protoss Immortals. The light weapons of the Reapers do not activate the Immortal shields, thus making it a much easier fight than the Siege Tanks experienced.


The Protoss Phase Prism is a flying unit that can convert to a floating Pylon, providing energy for Protoss buildings such as Photon Cannons in a jiff.


The Phase Prisms above are extra useful, since the Protoss can now warp in units to any place where there is Psi energy. It takes but a few seconds to accomplish. Four Stalkers are warping in now.


Protoss Stalkers are ‘Dark Dragoons’, with the Blink ability (short distance instant teleportation) introduced in Warcraft III. You can see their moment-ago teleportation shadows left behind above.


The Dune-ish worm on the left is a Zerg Nydus Worm. It pops out of the ground and allows Zerg units to port into the area around them, much like the Nydus Canals of the original Starcraft. It’s pretty tough to take out, from what the gameplay trailer shows. A bunch of Zerglings are pouncing the Zealots here.


Protoss Zealots fighting Zerg Zerglings.


The Protoss Colossus is huge! Just look at those 725 hitpoints! Its long legs can step over different terrain heights, while its beam attack sweeps around massacring enemy units.


In a few seconds, the Zerglings have mutated on the spot to become Banelings, filled with explosively corrosive chemicals. Think mini-Infested Terran suicide bonbers.


Pow-splat! Even the Colossus succumbs to the Baneling suicide attack. The Banelings move by rolling like wheels, btw.


The Protoss Phoenix is a new air unit. It moves slowly, but has the Overload ability which, as you can see above, launches attacks at all nearby enemy units. The drawback is that after the Overload, the Phoenix is powered down for a while, leaving it exposed to attack. Here three of them are Overloading at Zerg Mutalisks, while the two Phoenix on the left are simply attacking normally.


Protoss Warp Rays can attack air or ground targets. Their beam damages more the longer it focuses on a target, which makes them suitable for use against buildings or big units, like these Terran Battlecruisers.


Ahh, the Protoss Mothership. A massive, expensive unit that you can have only one of at a time. With 850 life, 350 shields and a basic attack that consists of 8 shots that can home in on multiple targets, it’s as much superweapon as you get outside of the Command & Conquer series. Here it is using its Time Bomb ability, which slows all enemy movement in the effect’s radius. The Terran Missile Turret missiles are actually slowed down until they almost stack, never reaching the Mothership. And when the field runs out, the missiles just fall harmlessly to the ground.


The Planet Cracker ability of the Mothership continually damages every ground unit under it. Just activate it and move its AoE damage around over units.


Finally, the Mothership can create a Black Hole which, according to the narration, is dangerous to air units. See the Battlecruiser being deformed as it is sucked into the hole.


And the gameplay movie finishes off with a mass battle between Protoss and Terran, with all the recently shown units duking it out. Until…


*Beep* Nuclear launch detected! Tebabom!!!!


And we finish off with some Banelings forming the ‘good game’ Leetspeak. Starcraft 2 can’t come soon enough!

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