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30,000 Hits!

June 7, 07


At 30,000 hits over 319 days, that means my blog received an average of 90.044 hits a day! The best ever day got 282 hits, one up from the best day back when my blog reached 20,000 hits.

At 30000 hits over 446 posts (not including this one), that’s an average of 67.265 hits per post!

At 446 posts over 319 days, that’s an average of 1.398 posts a day!

There are 321 comments over 319 days, which is almost exactly comment a day (more exact number 1.003 comments per day).

Comparing the two previous 10k hits:

It took me 195 days to get my first 10k, only 61 days to reach 20k, but slower again at 63 days to get to today’s 30k.

For my first 10k, I averaged 51.282051 hits a day and 1.2 posts a day. For my second 10k, I averaged an ego-boosting 163.93443 hits a day and a crazy 2.13 posts a day! But slowing down a little for my third 10k, at 158.73 hits a day and 1.302 posts a day.

Print Screen Captures follow for documentation. Be sure to browse through my best picks of the 82 posts since I reached 20k hits. See also my posts when I reached 10,000 hits and when I reached 20,000 hits.

10khitsa blurightarroa 20khits

blurightarroa blurightarroa 30kHits






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