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Five Killed, Nine Injured by Shooter at Wedding

June 8, 07

Guess where this horrendous crime involving murder and massacre by an Indonesian happened…



From The Star 8 June 2007:

Wedding turns into bloodbath

KUCHING: Five wedding guests were killed and nine others injured when a man went on a shooting spree during a reception at a longhouse in Song district in central Sarawak on Wednesday. 

Song police chief ASP Entusa Iman said the 36-year-old Indonesian, who later surrendered, suddenly opened fire on the crowd at 9pm. 

The man fired four shots from a shotgun into the Rh. Enchan longhouse in Ulu Enkabau, Katibas, at the ruai or public gallery, where the guests had gathered for the reception. He then went into the gallery and fired another shot. 

The longhouse is a 10-minute ride by longboat from here and another one hour on foot. 

Two injured men seeking treatment at Kapit Hospital after they were shot at a wedding in Song, central Sarawak on Wednesday.

ASP Entusa said he was told that some youths had persistently teased the man, who was married to the longhouse chief’s daughter, over his statelessness during the Gawai Dayak celebrations over the past four days. 

“Probably he could not take it anymore,” he told Bernama. The suspect has three daughters. 

ASP Entusa could not tell if any of the youths were among those killed or injured in the incident. 

“The bride and the bridegroom are safe,” he added. 

The victims, all men, were identified as Paulus Ilus, 43, his brother Galau Ilus, 27, Jimbun Ngindang and Meluda Emin, both 30, and 34-year-old0 Gram George.  

Their bodies have been sent to Kapit Hospital. The injured, including a nine-year-old girl and two women, were admitted to hospital.  

Two Arrested Over Armed Attack of JB Wedding

June 8, 07

The current update to this recent case. Good job, keep on at it JB police! Crack down hard on uncivic-minded criminals like these!


From The Star 8 June 2007:

Two held over fight at wedding

JOHOR BARU: Two men, believed to be members of an armed gang involved in a fight during a wedding ceremony six days ago, have been detained by police. 

The suspects, aged 26 and 43, are being held at Permas Jaya and Johor Jaya respectively. 

Johor Baru CID Chief Asst Comm Roslan Ahmad said that the first suspect was picked up at 11pm on Tuesday while the second man, who had been convicted of a series of criminal offences and held as a restricted resident, was arrested at 11am on Wednesday. 

He said police were looking for the remaining gang members. 

On June 2, a group of 14 men armed with parangs and steel rods attacked and injured 20 people at the ceremony. 

Police said the commotion started when a man in his 20s, believed to be the bride’s ex-boyfriend, turned up at the party in Jalan Permas 2 and created a ruckus.  

In the incident, several guests were injured, 

Three hours later, a party from the bride’s side went over to a house in Jalan Permas 8 – believed to be the home of one of the assailants – and damaged the building. 

They also set a Proton Wira on fire and broke the windows of another vehicle parked nearby. 

Meanwhile, a Singaporean Indian man was found dead at Jalan Gertak Merah.  

The body of R. Rajamtiram, 43, was found at 3.30am on Wednesday. 

ACP Roslan said that based on the post mortem, the Rajamtiram was a victim of a hit-and-run accident.  

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