KL Spy Camera Peeping Tom Landlord

Every female tenant’s worry come true. I remember climbing past the ceiling panels in the Desa U bathroom to check for any hidden electronics, just because a panel semed to be out of place and no one remembered moving it. Girls everywhere will be checking their rooms and bathrooms today.

The A-hole rat b***ard in this case will pay a heavy price. You can count on it. 

If the justice system isn’t harsh enough for the public’s liking, you can bet there’ll be a lot of noise. Just look back at the number of letters angry at the bocor remark.

And if the videos or pictures have already left the peeping-tom’s private possession, then my recommended punishment is simple: Video the culprit in various humiliating nude poses, preferably with his orifices ‘interacting’ with such items as rubber hoses and broom handles. Then post it on YouTube and the blog of every blogger who condemns his actions.

Watch out for tomorrow morning, as the letters and opinions section of the papers will be full of complaints and condemnations for the voyeur, sympathy for the victims, and outrage over the continuing degradation and disrespect of women in our country.

UPDATE 13 JUNE: The treacherous beast has spycams in his own home to defile his maids and even his wife’s sister!


From The Star 11 June 2007:

Peeping Tom landlord held

Voyeur nabbed: The landlord has been detained by police for allegedly installing three spy cameras in his house in Jinjang.

KUALA LUMPUR: A landlord who fitted spy cameras in the three bathrooms of a house he rented out to female students has been detained. 

The cameras were fixed near the fluorescent lamps in the bathrooms at his double-storey house in Taman Bullion Mewah, Jinjang here. 

One of the students, in her early 20s, who rents the house with 18 others, went to the bathroom, looked up and noticed something strange in the light socket on Saturday. 

She told her fellow housemates when they returned from college. The girls informed a neighbour who opened the socket and discovered the cameras.  

The cameras were discovered in the bathrooms of the house (right) on Saturday.

A quick check revealed two more cameras in the other bathrooms. The girls made a police report. 

A police team went to the house and recovered the cameras which were believed to have transmitted the images remotely.  

The girls called the landlord under the pretext that something was wrong with the house. Police arrested the man when he turned up. 

Sentul OCPD Asst Comm K. Kumaran confirmed that the landlord, a 34-year-old interior designer, was arrested at midnight.  

He said the man from Gombak would be remanded until Friday.


From NST 11 June 2007 (NST removes links after a week):

What’s that flickering red light? : Students’ hidden camera nightmare

By : Lee Shi-Ian

The camera was hidden in the black oval object by the side of the fluorescent lamp. A flickering red light alerted a student using the bathroom and led to the camera being discovered. (Inset) The suspect being taken to the Sentul police headquarters
The camera was hidden in the black oval object by the side of the fluorescent lamp. A flickering red light alerted a student using the bathroom and led to the camera being discovered. (Inset) The suspect being taken to the Sentul police headquarters

KUALA LUMPUR: All she wanted was a shower after a long day. Instead, she discovered that she was fulfilling someone’s perverted desires.

The girl, a student of the International Islamic University Malaysia, was preparing to take a shower at her home in Sentul about 2.45pm on Saturday when she noticed a red flickering light coming from a black oval object near the overhead fluorescent light.

The 20-year-old did not think anything of it.

Later at 5pm, she was about to take another shower when the red flickering light from the black oval object caught her attention again.

Her curiosity aroused, the student climbed a ladder to take a closer look at the object.
Seeing that the red light was coming from inside the object, she decided to take it apart.

To her horror, she found a camera with recording capabilities.

The traumatised student told her neighbour, who alerted the local Rukun Tetangga, a source said.

“The student and several of her housemates then went with members of the Rukun Tetangga to the Sentul police headquarters, where she lodged a report.”

According to the report, 19 students rented the four bedroom double-storey house in Taman Billion Mewah from a man, believed to be in his 30s, in October 2005.

The students, aged between 18 and 20, with some coming from Perak and Terengganu, are all studying at the IIUM.

The landlord, a paperer by profession, drops by the house once a month to collect the rent.

One of the students recalled that the landlord would spend 10 to 15 minutes in each of the three bathrooms in the house on each of his visits.

“He also gave us strange advice, like where to stand in the shower area while we are bathing and which angles to face,” the student added.

The landlord apparently explained to the students that the bathroom doors would be damaged by water, hence the reason for telling them where to stand.

It is learnt that cameras were found in all the bathrooms.

Following the report, police went to the house later in the evening to set a trap for the landlord.

They had the students contact the landlord and ask him to drop by, ostensibly to repair a leaking pipe.

The man, who is married with two children and lives in Taman Greenwood, was nabbed on arrival and produced in the magistrate’s court in Jalan Duta yesterday.

He was remanded for eight days.

Sentul police chief ACP K. Kumaran confirmed the arrest.

Yesterday, the five students gave their statements to Sentul police.

They are praying that pictures of them in the nude and in various states of undress would not be circulated through mobile phones and the Internet.

“They are hoping that police will recover whatever pictures and videos which are in the suspect’s possession,” the source said.

2 Responses to “KL Spy Camera Peeping Tom Landlord”

  1. muchipo Says:

    he is bastard malaysians are sex maniacs what i have to say is that they should better get things better in this country its not like this in THE USA we f*** whenever we need to f*** no need to deceive one another so hwy go this far just to put “AGRO” on yourself better malaysian goverment to fix things here fast

  2. manyak Says:

    I admire the landlord for his diligence, i hope he would teach me how to install spycams. Ill make sure that i wont be caught.

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