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NST: Green Carrot Compromise

June 13, 07

With this latest letter published, and the letters in The Sun and The Star, my Green Carrot Compromise has reached all three of the major English dailies that I targeted.

The NST editors might have been influenced to print my letter after PM Abdullah Badawi supported incentives over penalties. But for the Sun and the Star, it’s shown definitively that I was not inspired to propose Green Carrot by Badawi.

  GWStopArgueStartWork1   GWStopArgueStartWork2   GWStopArgueStartWork3

From NST 13 June 2007 (NST removes links after a week).

Johor Criminals Chase and Ram Car, Rape Girl (and Another Gang Rape On Next Day)

June 13, 07

Now you don’t even have to stop at a petrol station to be ambushed and brutally assaulted. The animalistic, inhuman, godless, evil b*astards so common in Johor will come to find you on the road.

But like the other recent cases, this happened at night. Not even after midnight, mind you! As soon as the sun even starts to go down, the beasts will be on the prowl.

The safest thing to do: stay at home at night. Do not go out at all. Not even in a group are you safe in Johor!

Johor police, this is my ultimatum: Find and catch these particular criminals, or I will write scathing letters criticizing the situation in Johor every week until they are published.

And when you’re done with that, there is ANOTHER gang rape case that happened the day after at the bottom of this post!

UPDATE 15 JUNE: Sketch and identity of one of the rapists. If you see this man, please remove his eyeballs from his head with a screwdriver.

UPDATE 16 JUNE: 14 have been arrested in connection with this and other cases.


More detailed report thanks to Ninjapura who linked to it.

From The Electric Newspaper, Singapore, 14 June 2007:

HAVE FUN WITH US OR WE’LL KILL HIM: JB robbers kidnap couple and rape girl, 19 

I had no choice but to say yes 
June 14, 2007

SHE watched helplessly as four knife-wielding robbers took turns to ruthlessly beat up her boyfriend.

Then one of them gave her this chilling choice: ‘Let us have fun with you, or we will kill your boyfriend.’

The woman, 19, felt she had no choice but to comply. She was then gang-raped by three of the robbers, while her semi-conscious boyfriend, 22, lay metres away.

The horrific incident happened around 10pm on Monday night in Gelang Petah in Johor, near the Second Link.

The boyfriend, who wanted to be known just as Ah Li, said that he had driven to Pontian to pick up his waitress-girlfriend to return home to Johor Baru.

They were in Gelang Petah when a silver Toyota suddenly banged into their red Proton Iswara from behind.


May pointing to the bruise on the back of her head where the robbers hit her. — Pictures: NANYANG SIANG PAU, CHINA PRESS

Ah Li, a mechanic, said he saw four burly men in the other car, so he decided not to stop.

His girlfriend, May (not her real name), said: ‘The car kept flashing its high beam at us. That’s when we realised something was wrong, so we accelerated to get away.’

Ah Li called his older brother on his handphone to alert him that they were being pursued. He asked his brother to get help.

Then he made the fatal mistake of turning off the expressway in Nusajaya to shake off their pursuers – and ended up on a dead-end road.

Ah Li tried frantically to turn the car around, but it broke down.

When the robbers caught up with them, Ah Li tried to call his older brother for help again, but a robber snatched away his phone.

When he tried to escape, the robbers pulled out two knives, beat him up and slashed his right leg.


They bundled their victims into the Toyota, with May seated in front between the driver and a robber holding a knife at her abdomen. Ah Li was subdued by the two other robbers in the back.

When they reached a toll booth, the robbers pressed the knives into their victims and warned them not to say anything.

The toll booth attendant did not realise anything was amiss, despite there being three people squeezed in the front.

The robbers stopped the car at a deserted clearing in Taman Tampoi Indah, some 40km away from the robbery site, reported The New Straits Times.

Said May: ‘They pushed my boyfriend out and kept beating him.

‘Then one of them grabbed my arm and said, ‘If you let us have some fun, I won’t kill your boyfriend. After we are done, I’ll let you both go free.’

‘Under those circumstances, I had no choice but to say yes.’

She thought she would only have to endure one rape. But after the first man was done, two others raped her as well while the last robber kept watch over her semi-conscious boyfriend.

They then left the victims and sped off.

May stumbled to the main road and tried to get help.

Thankfully, five people on their way to supper saw the crying girl and stopped their car.

They called the police and ambulance – but were asked to call other police branches, as the robbery and rapes had taken place in different jurisdictions.

Said one of the good Samaritans: ‘The boyfriend was lying on the grass bleeding… We waited for half an hour, and when no police came, three of my friends sent them to the hospital in the car, while two of us followed in a taxi.’


He said he felt sickened when they passed a toll booth just 500m from where they found the victims, and saw a police patrol car.

Equally frustrated was Ah Li’s older brother.

The 27-year-old salesman was in tears as he recounted his brother’s distress calls.

Recalling the second call, he said his brother had shouted: ‘The car has stalled!’

He then heard a commotion, then May screaming: ‘They have a knife!’ before the phone was snatched away.

His parents went to a police station to make a report, but no action was taken.

The brother then drove to the Gelang Petah area himself to try to look for them.

He spotted a patrol car and flagged it down. He said he begged the three police officers inside to help search for the couple, but the officers were unmoved and later drove off.

A Johor police spokesman said the unfortunate situation had arisen because the robbery and rape took place in different jurisdictions.

He said that when the public call the police, they need time to ascertain the location and situation of the crime, and delays may result.

He said the matter would be investigated thoroughly.


From The Star 13 June 2007:

Trio rape girl after car chase

JOHOR BARU: A 19-year-old girl was raped by three men as her 22-year-old boyfriend could only watch helplessly, after he had been slashed twice. 

The victims were abducted by four men after a brief car chase and taken to a secluded area in Taman Tampoi Indah where the girl was raped. 

The victims had been on their way to the city from Pontian at 10.30pm on Monday when a car rammed them from behind in Gelang Patah. 

Sensing trouble, they did not stop but the vehicle chased after them. After about 10km, the victims’ car broke down near Nusajaya. 

Two men armed with parangs stepped out of the car while another two remained inside. 

The two took the victims’ belongings but the boyfriend tried to escape. How- ever, he was caught by one of the assailants and slashed twice on his right leg. He was also punched and kicked. 

The victims were then forced into the assailants’ car and taken to Taman Tampoi Indah, where three of the suspects took turns raping the girl while the fourth man watched. 

They then fled. 

The girl managed to flag down a passer-by and the two were taken to Sultanah Aminah Hospital for treatment. 

The man is currently receiving treatment while the girl has lodged a report at the Tampoi police station. 

Johor Baru (south) OCPD ACP Shafie Ismail confirmed the case. He urged those with information on the case to call the police at 07-221 2999 or the nearest police station.  


The next gang rape case, from The Star 14 June 2007:

Another woman gang-raped

JOHOR BARU: A group of men took a couple on a terror ride before raping the woman, the second such case in as many days here. 

A 55-year-old contractor and his 35-year-old female friend had stopped at a petrol station along the Pasir Gudang highway at 10.30pm last week. 

As he was filling up, three men armed with parang overpowered him and forced both victims into the car. 

The assailants took the victims on a one-hour terror ride before stopping at a secluded area along the highway. 

As in the case on Monday, the contractor was slashed in the leg when he tried to escape. 

With the injured victim watching helplessly, the men took turns to rape the woman before fleeing in another car driven by an accomplice. 

The victims lodged a police report after the incident. 

On Monday, a 19-year-old girl was raped by three men as her boyfriend watched helplessly in Taman Tampoi Indah. 

Their car was rammed into by another car. Three men in the car then abducted the couple. The boyfriend was also slashed in the leg when he tried to escape. 

In another incident, a doctor, in her 50s, fell and injured her head after two thieves on a motorcycle snatched her handbag while she was walking to her car in Taman Melody yesterday. 

Passers-by who saw the incident caught one of the suspects. He was handed over to the police.  

Peeping Tom Pervert Landlord Has Spycams in Own Home

June 13, 07

Update to this post. Looks like any support the family would have given this pervert is going down the drain! I expect that he will be harshly sentenced; treated to the same line of things he did to the girls while he’s in prison; and finally emerge from prison a shamed man who has lost his business, his reputation and his family and friends.



From The Star 13 June 2007:

Detained landlord has spycams in own home

THE landlord detained for allegedly prying into the privacy of 19 students is said to have installed spy cameras at his own house, reported China Press

It is learnt that even his sister-in-law and several maids who stayed with him were not spared either.  

According to the daily, police also found several pinhole wireless spy cameras installed in the bathrooms of his house. 

Police have also recovered video footages of his sister-in-law, maids and other unidentified women using the bathrooms. 

On Sunday, police arrested the landlord, a 34-year-old interior designer, for allegedly fitting spy cameras in three bathrooms of a house he rented out to 19 female students. 

The cameras were fixed near the fluorescent lamps in the bathrooms at his double-storey house in Taman Bullion Mewah, Jinjang.  

Archie McPhee Stuff – Unicorns, Ninjas and More

June 13, 07

I found out about this line of fun stuff from Classical Values, starting from the very sweet (in a jingoistic way) Cold War Unicorns Play Set.

Below is a small selection of the tons of stuff purchase-able from Archie McPhee – Toys, Gifts & Novelties made by Magic Pixies! Mostly from the Unicorns and Ninjas section. Psychotic sales pitches by the site, not by me!


Cold War Unicorns Play Set


The Cold War Unicorns Play Set allows you to play out the intense struggle between two global superpowers in the majestic fantasy world of the Unicorn! Can the Communist Unicorn’s horn of classless social structure hold up against the Freedom Unicorn’s hooves of capitalist opportunity? Each hard vinyl unicorn is 3-3/4″ tall with articulated joints for all sorts of dramatic poses.

Cold War Unicorn Play Set
item 11674
$9.95 ea.


Avenging Unicorn Play Set


Everyone wants an imaginary unicorn friend that they can call forth to smite their enemies. The Avenging Unicorn Play Set has everything you need to use the power of the unicorn to rid your life of irritations. Put the posable, 3-3/4″ tall, hard vinyl unicorn on a flat surface and then impale one of three 3-1/8″ tall, soft vinyl figures included (businessman/boss, new age lady and mime). Also includes four interchangeable horns (classic spiral, chrome, glow and pearlescent).

Avenging Unicorn Play Set
item 11554
$12.95 ea.


Avenging Narwhal Play Set


The narwhal is an arctic-dwelling whale that has been called “the unicorn of the sea” due to its long pointy tusk. There is debate about the true purpose of this tusk, but finally the truth is revealed! The narwhal uses its tusk to impale the cute animals of the world, specifically baby seals, baby penguins and koalas. This 5-1/2″ long, hard vinyl narwhal comes with four magic tusks (crystal, onyx, ruby and ice) to impale the three 1-1/2″ long, soft vinyl cuties. Don’t let cute overrun the world, fight back with your own Avenging Narwhal!

Avenging Narwhal Play Set
item 11689
$12.95 ea.


Unicorn vs. Narwhal Play Set


There is only room enough on this earth for one majestic horned beast, thus the Unicorn and Narwhal must clash to decide the fate of their species. Two previous battles ended in a tie, with both sides claiming to be the victim of dirty tactics. Now you can settle the score with your very own Unicorn vs. Narwhal Play Set. Each set includes one 5-1/2″ long, hard vinyl narwhal, one 3-3/4″ tall, hard vinyl unicorn and four magical battle horns.

Unicorn vs. Narwhal Play Set
item 11731
$9.95 ea.


Ninja Attack!


The only sure way to defeat your foe is with a full-scale Ninja Attack! And in case you didn’t know, real ninjas are the greatest assassins known to mankind, plus they can turn invisible whenever they want! Just load one of the 1-1/4″ plastic ninjas into the 5-3/4″ long plastic shooting device and pull the trigger to launch a stealth attack! Four different ninjas included.

Ninja Attack!
item 11491
$4.95 ea.


Ninja Clock


It’s pretty much common knowledge that ninjas control time. Just when you think you’ve got one in a bad spot, he’ll stop time and you’ll wake up three days later in the engine room of a Chinese cargo ship with double vision and a mysterious rash. This 13″ tall, plastic time piece features nunchuck hands and a swinging ninja pendulum. Requires one AA battery (included).

Ninja Clock
item 11673
$17.95 ea.


Pope Innocent III Action Figure


Introduce this Pope Innocent III Action Figure to your other figures and watch the spiritual sparks fly! Armed with his formidable power of excommunication and an intimidating scroll inscribed with Latin text, this 6″ tall, hard plastic model of the 176th Pope will soon have all your other action figures lining up for confession. Read the back of the illustrated blistercard and you’ll find that Pope Innocent III was a good guy in all respects. He was a patron of the arts, cared about orphans, built a hospital and reunified the Papal States! Comes with removable fancy Pope hat.

Pope Innocent III Action Figure
item 11147
Set of 2 $4.99


Precaution Notebook


Go ahead, judge this notebook by its cover. The dynamic images on the front and back are sure to fit your fancy. This 4″ x 6″ notebook has 125 sheets of lined paper and a handy accordion pocket on the inside back cover. Also features an elastic band attached to the back that wraps around the notebook to secure the pages when not in use. Keep one at work, one at home and one in the car so you’ll always have somewhere to jot down your genius ideas, priceless thoughts and snappy comebacks.

Precaution Notebook
item 11152
$7.95 ea.


Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure


This 5-1/4″ tall, hard vinyl Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure is worried about whether or not you washed your hands after you used the bathroom. Just in case, he’s sure you won’t mind if he wears his gloves and surgical mask when he shakes your hand. Or even better, maybe you could just bump elbows with him. Now, as soon as he finishes counting those ceiling tiles, he can get started on alphabetizing the canned foods. Mini surgical mask included. Packaged with a sanitary, hypo-allergenic towelette to clean off the figure before you touch it.

Obsessive Compulsive
Action Figure
item 11561
$8.95 ea.


Windup Sushi


What is it about Sushi that we find so appealing? Is it the colorful presentation? Is it the idea of eating raw fish? Or is it simply the taste? You can contemplate this great mystery as you play with this set of 6 1.75″ x 1″ windup walkers shaped like different kinds of sushi.

Windup Sushi
item M5956
Set of 6. $18.95


T-Bone Air Freshener


This unlikely air freshener is the perfect way to brighten any carnivore’s day. Hang the T-Bone from your rearview mirror to give your car the aroma of a down-home BBQ joint. Each one has a handy string for hanging and measures about 4″ tall.

T-Bone Air Freshener
item 11065
Set of 3. $4.95


Bacon Strips Bandages


Ouch! That smarts! Treat your minor cuts, scrapes and scratches with the incredible healing power of a designer bandage from Accoutrements. And if a fancy bandage isn’t enough to dry up your tears, how about a FREE TOY! Each comes in a 3-3/4″ tall metal pocket tin and contains a small plastic trinket to help make even the ouchiest owies feel all better in no time. The 3″ x 1″ Bacon Strips are cut to look like small slabs of bacon. Fifteen per tin.

Bacon Strips Bandages
item 11476
Box of 15 $4.95

I’ll have what he’s having

Ever been tempted by a passing dessert cart? Desired a dab of your dinner companion’s delicious dumplings? The metal Freeloader Fork looks like a normal fork, but it telescopically extends to a length of 21″! At its full length it allows you to surreptitiously taste other’s food and never be suspected. It can also be used as a pointer for culinary lectures, a back scratcher or a humorous conductor’s wand.

Freeloader Fork
item 10571
$7.95 ea.


Create A Commie


Lenin or Marx? Castro or Trotsky? No matter who your favorite communist is, you’re sure to love Create A Commie. Just move the metal shavings around with the magnetic plastic wand to transform the generic red face into the communist of your choice. Frame is 6″ tall and made of plastic.

Create A Commie
item 11707
$4.95 ea.


Back to the future


Does the frantic pace of today’s world make you want to turn back the hands of time and give yourself a few extra hours? We’ve solved this problem for you with our new Backward Clock. The hour, minute and second hands move backward to give you the extra time you need. The numbers on this 10-1/2″-diameter clock are arranged counterclockwise to help you keep track of how much time you’re saving. Black exterior, black and white clock face, black hands and red second hand.

Backward Clock
item 10570
$12.95 ea.


Lord’s Prayer Singing Alarm Clock


Did you ever consider that the shrieking buzz that comes from your alarm clock is really the voice of Satan straight from the pits of Hell? No wonder you wake up grumpy! Well, this 8″ x 4″ plastic alarm clock will lull you awake with the Lord’s Prayer in song form. It doesn’t come with batteries, but it will surely charge your days with plastic pre-recorded religious power!

Lord’s Prayer Singing Alarm Clock
item M6072
$24.95 ea.

Carbon Emissions and Percentage of Atmosphere

June 13, 07

The following information is derived from the Union of Concerned Scientists website.

In 2003 Malaysia was the 27th largest emitter of carbon from fossil-fuel burning, cement production, and gas flaring. We released 42 million metric tons of carbon (not carbon dioxide gas mind you, just the mass of carbon without the attached oxygen or other elements). To clarify, 1 metric ton = 1000 kilogrammes. 1 million = 1,000,000.

This is can be compared to the top 5 emitters: USA (1st at 1,580 million metric tons), Mainland China (1,131 million), Russia (a sharp drop down to 408 million), India (348 million), and Japan (336 million). Tiny Singapore is 58th at 13 million metric tons.

However, Malaysia was only 61st largest emitter per capita. When averaged out, each Malaysian only emitted 1.74 metric tons of carbon (not CO2). This can be compared to the USA (11th at 5.43), Mainland China (101st at 0.86, thanks to their 1.3 billion population), and Singapore (25th at 2.99, which means quite a bit of carbon release for their mere 4.5 million population).

To get an idea of how much carbon that really is, this site gives the figure that the total mass of Earth’s entire atmosphere is about 5.3 million, million, million kilogrammes or 5,300 million, million metric tons.

Now, taking the relative atomic mass of carbon as 12 and that of oxygen as 16, carbon dioxide (1 carbon and 2 oxygen) would have a relative atomic mass of 44. A molecule of CO2 has 3.667 times more mass than an atom of carbon.

Therefore, we can assume that 1 metric ton of carbon produces about 3.667 metric tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, assuming all the carbon is released in the form of carbon dioxide.

Comparing the carbon emissions with the amount of total atmosphere, we find that in 2003 the USA’s carbon dioxide emissions amounted to a miniscule 0.0001093% of the entire atmosphere.

Taken together, the top 20 carbon emitters for 2003 released 5,508 million metric tons of carbon, which would amount to 20,198 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. That is 0.0003809% of the atmosphere.

Compare this to my calculation from this post that carbon dioxided makes up 0.0383% of the atmosphere.

In conclusion, both emissions of carbon dioxide by humans and total carbon dioxide make up a tiny, tiny portion of the atmosphere.

This is one reason why I am skeptical that CO2 emissions really have such a big impact on global temperature rise as some global warming proponents assert.

On the other hand, I have heard of research that says CO2 abosorbs a particular wavelength of infrared radiation (heat rays) that is not absorbed by other gases, and that this band of IR only takes a tiny amount of CO2 to absorb it.

But in refutation of that theory, once that miniscule amount of infrared wavelength has been absorbed, there will be nothing more for CO2 to catch – so adding even huge amounts of extra CO2 won’t make a difference!

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