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The Star: Bollywood Movie Fans Rampage

June 16, 07

It seems that the first reflex of many Malaysians is to form a mob and start rioting. What can I say, it’s fun to be part of a surge! See this post for another mass attack.

The Bollywood influence of gang fights, one-on-one fights and more fights might have played a part though.


From The Star 16 June 2007:

Movie fans go on rampage

KUALA LUMPUR: Pandemonium reigned at more than 10 theatres on Thursday night when the premiere of the much-anticipated Tamil movie Sivaji – The Boss was either delayed or cancelled. 

The movie, starring South Indian superstar Rajinikanth and released simultaneously in India and Malaysia on Thursday, was supposed to start at 9pm but was delayed at some cinemas by about six hours and cancelled at others. 

Disappointed fans turned violent, causing damage at a number of cinemas. Police had to be called in at various venues to stop the outbreak of violence. 

In Penang, fans turned unruly at the delay and banged on ticket counters, some demanding a refund and others insisting that the movie be screened. Police were called in to control the situation and the movie was screened after a three-hour delay. 

In Klang’s Sri Intan theatre, fans who had waited more than five hours for the movie to start, wrecked the cinema lobby, breaking ticket counters and set fire to part of the theatre. The fire was immediately put out by workers. 

In Rawang, fistfights broke out, and people threw bottles, breaking glass showcases, while in Ipoh, a cinema manager was beaten up by irate fans. He suffered head injuries which required stitches. 

Police arrested several people but released them later. 

Cinemagoer D. Karthik, who had bought five tickets, said he could not see the movie because it was delayed by five hours at the State Cinema in Petaling Jaya. 

“I had already waited in line for five hours two days ago to get the tickets and I did not want to wait more than three hours to see the movie. I don’t understand why they advertised opening times for the movie if they cannot start on time,” he said. 

Moviegoers demanded refunds or compensation of about RM200 for each ticket they had bought at RM12. 

At the Coliseum Cinema here, manager Sofie Baba said tickets counters were opened after 4pm, although people had started queuing from as early as noon. Those waiting turned violent when tickets to the 800-seat theatre were sold out within an hour. 

When asked about allegations that the majority of the tickets had been sold to scalpers, he said an individual could buy a maximum of six tickets only, and that the management was not aware of any such activity. 

S. Vel Paari, CEO of the movie’s distributor Pyramid Saimira Theatre Chain, apologised for the delay and cancellation of the movie in some theatres. 

“Rain and delay in getting the digital password from India for security reasons to beat piracy were the primary reasons for the delay and cancellations. Because of the rain, our delivery was affected and as a result, there was a delay in the screening of the movie,” he said. 

He added that the Chennai-based movie producer, AVM, had supplied only 42 prints instead of the scheduled 53. 

“The remaining 11 prints of the movie had to be downloaded through the Internet,” he said.  

14 Arrested – Johor Gang Rapes Solved?

June 16, 07

Really and truly? Are these the real culprits behind the recent Gelang Patah rape case? (See here and here.)

Wil the suspects be tried and convicted? Will they simply jump bail or disappear after the remanding period? And will they serve more than a few years before being released and starting their terror again?

To be sure that no more gang rape can be repeated, I suggest this for those proven to be repeat offenders…


But anyway, good work Johor police! If only all your staff were as effective and motivated as the special task force, Johor would be a safe place to live. Be warned, all ye scummy criminals!


From The Star 16 June 2007:

Cops solve gang rape cases with arrest of 14

JOHOR BARU: Police believe they have solved several cases of robbery-cum-gang-rape in Johor with the arrest of 14 people, including a 14-year-old girl. 

The suspects, who were arrested in a series of raids, have been linked to at least two rapes here and a robbery in Batu Pahat over the past month. 

State police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Hussin Ismail said police did not dismiss the possibility that the same group was also linked to other gang rapes, abductions, carjackings and robberies at petrol stations in the state.  

He said the suspects were rounded up in Kulai, a hotel room in Skudai, an apartment in Stulang Baru and in Taman Gunung Pulai in an operation which began at 1.30am yesterday. 

DCP Hussin said a special task force was set up to track down the suspects following the gang rape and robbery of a 19-year-old woman in Taman Tampoi Indah on June 12. 

All the suspects were nabbed by officers from the state serious crimes unit headed by Supt Gan Tian Kee. 

He said seven of the suspects tested positive for drugs while six of them had past records for carjacking, robbery, drug abuse and rape and had been held under the Emergency Ordinance. 

One of the suspects is also on the wanted list for theft in Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor. 

“We are still looking for another suspect,” DCP Hussin told a press conference here yesterday. 

The rapes and robberies received widespread attention in recent weeks.  

The matter was raised at the Johor State Assembly yesterday when Datuk Tee Siew Kiong (BN – Pulai Sebatang) told the House that the need to boost the manpower and facilities of the police force was vital.  

DCP Hussin said the special team had a breakthrough at about 1.30am yesterday when they nabbed three men in a car in Kulai. 

Subsequently, police raided a hotel room in Skudai and nabbed six people including the 14-year-old school dropout. 

“During the raid, some of the suspects tried to flee by climbing to the ceiling of the hotel but were nabbed when they fell from their hiding place,” DCP Hussin said.  

On allegations from certain quarters, including a rape victim, on the slow response from the police, DCP Hussin said they were investigating the matter and action would be taken against the personnel involved if the allegations were found to be true. 

He also reminded the public especially victims to contact the police hotline at 07-221 2999 during emergencies.  


From NST 16 June 2007 (NST removes links after a week):

Robbery-cum-rape cases: 14 held in raids


In a 10-hour sweep yesterday morning, police arrested 13 men and a 14-year-old girl believed to be linked to three robbery-cum-rape cases in Johor over the past two months.

The girl, who also tested positive for drugs, and two male suspects tried to flee a police party by climbing through the ceiling of their hotel room and running across the rooftop.

With the arrests, police believe they have solved the three cases but are still looking for two suspects, one of whom has been identified.

In the latest incident on Monday, a 19-year-old teenager was gang-raped in Taman Tampoi Indah, where the suspects forced her 22-year-old boyfriend to watch the ordeal.

Johor police chief Datuk Hussin Ismail said a task force had been set up comprising detectives from the state and district police headquarters.

The task force was divided into several groups and swung into action yesterday.

One of the teams found a silver metallic Honda Accord parked in front of a restaurant in Kulai here at 1.30am.

The car was believed to have been used in a rape-cum-robbery case in Pantai Lido here on May 22. The victim is a foreigner.

Police also arrested three men aged between 29 and 40 at the restaurant.

In a follow-up operation, the police team raided a hotel in Taman Sri Puteri, Skudai, where five men and the teenager were believed to have been holed up.

When police kicked open the door of the room at 2.40am, three of the men tried to escape by climbing through the ceiling and running across the building’s rooftop.

They were nabbed as they were about to jump off the roof.

Police also seized several mobile phones from the room.

Another team raided a house in Stulang Baru, Majidee, where a 24-year-old suspect was arrested. The police party picked up a 21-year-old suspect half an hour later in Kampung Pasir, Tampoi.

By 3am yesterday morning, police had arrested 11 suspects.

After questioning the suspects, police raided a house in Taman Pulai Indah and arrested a 47-year-old suspect. Later they picked up a 42-year-old suspect at a restaurant in Taman Gunung Pulai, Kulai.

An hour later, the team stormed a premise in Taman Desa, also in Kulai, where a suspect in his 40s was arrested. It was here that police found a Toyota Altis which is believed to have been used in the rape of the 19-year-old on Monday.

Hussin said all the suspects had been remanded until June 22.

“Seven of the 14, including the girl, tested positive for drugs. Six of them also had previous records for rape, robbery, drug abuse, theft and rioting”

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