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Forums Spike Up Hits On Johor Crimes

June 19, 07

My continuous coverage of Johor’s horrendously scary crimes has gotten me a lot of hits. It seems that having my blog as a link on discussions at sgforums and are more ‘kau’ than being linked to from Malaysiakini.

Below is the graph showing my never-imagined before 840 hits in a day:


Below is a ton of referrals from message boards:


The most visited posts on the fateful 840 day:


Summary of top posts during the last 7 days. You can see that various Johor crimes (and to posts about a KL one) even outstripped the ever popular WRYYYYYY:


The Top Police Brass Response to Soaring Johor Crimes

June 19, 07

Of course, the Inspector-General himself as well as various politicians, mayors, ministers and assemblymen are exempt from this exercise in meritocracy.

Recall that Boss-of-All-Cops-in-Malaysia Tan Sri Musa Hassan used to be the Chief of Police in JOHOR in 2003.

The various police heads must follow the example of Tan Sri Musa’s one year in charge of Johor (see here, 6th paragraph from bottom) – which certainly must have made a huge dent in the crime rate that struck holy fear into the hearts of all Johor criminals for years afterward if only any of us managed to notice it without the aid of scanning electron microscopes.


From The Star 19 June 2007:

Do well or be replaced, senior cops warned

KUALA LUMPUR: Senior police officers, especially those in command posts, who fail to perform up to expectations, will be replaced. 

In his strongest ever warning to his officers, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said no more “extra time” would be given to them, as they knew what was expected of them. 

“I will not accept reasons that they need time because they are new to the post. They have been in the force for so long and should know what is expected of them. 

“They must not wait for instructions from Bukit Aman to carry out operations or investigations,” he told The Star after opening a crime prevention meeting for state police chiefs, state CID chiefs and district police chiefs at the senior police officers college here. 

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee organised the brain storming session. 

Musa said public expectations were high and the police force must be able to deliver by putting service above self. 

He said the Government had recently approved the salary increase as proposed by the police force together with other benefits to ensure quality service was provided. 

“We must be thankful for what has been given and not betray the trust given. There is no room for traitors in the force,” he said. 

During the meeting, three senior police officers representing the three categories of officers present vowed to work harder to reduce crime and ensure the success of the five-year strategic plan drawn up by Musa. 

Selangor police chief DCP Ismail Omar said Selangor police would go all out to ensure crime was checked and assured Musa that his officers would give their full support to his leadership in taking the force to greater heights. 

Penang CID chief SAC (II) Datuk Abdul Samah said the IGP had set a high standard for them and they would do their best to provide quality service. 

He said Musa wanted syndicated crimes to be wiped out and had given CID officers his full backing. 

Ampang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Amer Awal said all OCPDs were confident that the police were capable of reducing the crime rate in the country. 

He also said they would work towards realising Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s as well as Musa’s vision of making the police force a world class force.  


From The Star 19 June 2007:

‘Lack of manpower not an excuse’

JOHOR BARU: Police should not cite insufficient manpower as an excuse for the high crime rate in Johor. 

Low Teh Hian (BN – Pengkalan Rinting) told the state assembly the ratio of one policeman to 3,000 people was ridiculous.  

“Logically, after senior citizens, children and the disabled are excluded, police only have to monitor a few but there are still a lot of snatch theft cases,” he said, adding that police should be more proactive in solving crimes. 

Low suggested that incompetent police personnel be transferred out while good ones be transferred to the state. 

“We need capable policemen in hot spots such as Taman Johor Jaya, Permas Jaya and the Second Link. 

“However, I applaud the police for their increased presence in several areas around the city recently and it has helped keep the crime rate down,” said Low.  

He also urged the Johor Baru City Council and Central Johor Baru Municipal Council not to take action against residents living in gated communities. 

“The residents are proactive in taking care of their security and they should not be penalised for it,” he added.  

Cops Cripple Highway Lorry Hijack Gang

June 19, 07

Related to these posts, likely: Carjack and Highjack in Johor, Stop Highway Robbery With Smile! Youre on Candid Camera (which did not work at all apparently), Lorry Drivers Take Steps to Deter Hijackers , Shooting, Hijacking and Kidnap Scare in Johor, and Hijacking and Dead Body in JB.

Yes, that IS a lot of lorry hijackings! How catching two accomplices ‘cripples’ the gang, I do not comprehend.


From The Star 19 June 2007:

Cops cripple lorry hijack gang, two suspects held

MALACCA: A gang responsible for six hijacking cases over the past six months has been crippled with the arrest of two suspects. 

The two are believed to be members of the Mohan Gang, whose leader is still at large. 

The gang, based in Johor, targeted trucks and lorries travelling along the North South Expressway be-tween Johor and Kuala Lumpur, and caused losses of close to RM3mil. 

Malacca CID Chief Assistant Commissioner Frederick Liso Senap told a press conference yesterday the group always targeted vehicles transporting good such as paints, diapers, milk and others as these could be easily sold.  

Meanwhile in Johor, police de-tained three suspects believed to have been involved in a hijack case earlier this month and recovered RM157,215 worth of stolen items. 

On June 6, robbers held up a lorry driver and his assistant – who were taking a break at a rest area along the North-South Expressway – at knifepoint and hijacked a truck full of electrical goods. 

The three suspects were all in their 30s.  

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